NTU “KHPI” presented Kharkiv IT Cluster innovations in training of IT professionals

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Graduate who can begin to work after graduation without further training is a dream of any CEO. Today, not every university can show this level of training because of old-fashioned programs and a lack of understanding of market requirements. Representatives of the NTU “KHPI” decided to change this situation. They have created a project that will bring together higher education institutions and IT-business: students could apply theoretical knowledge to real-world projects, and the company would receive young professionals ready to work immediately after graduation.

The “Training of IT professionals on the basis of a dual approach to education” project  was developed by the pro-provost of NTU “KHPI”, Professor Edward Rubin and chair professor Michael Godlevsky. The presentation took place on November 5 at the Department of Software Engineering and Information Technology Management. A representatives of Kharkiv IT companies – participants of Kharkiv IT Cluster were at the meeting, because one of the organization’s goals were to pull together education, government and business institutions.

The project is aimed at improving the quality of software development based on the interaction between universities and employers.

If the project will be successful, students after graduation will have the experience that will make them more relevant to the labor market. On the other hand, the company that is participating in the project will have influence on the learning process and will get specialists with the knowledge, skills and competencies that are needed in a rapidly growing industry.

The companies of Kharkiv IT Cluster are very interested in this project. Some of them are ready to cooperate with the NTU “KHPI” in the near future! We believe in this idea and we are sure, that it will be successfully implemented next year. This will be another step on the way of transforming Kharkiv in the IT capital of Eastern Europe.