MobiDev’s IT invincibility hubs: Proud of the team

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The full-scale invasion has been going on for more than 500 days. During this time, Ukrainian IT has proved that it is unbreakable and capable of not only fighting but also reaching new heights. As early as April 2022, Kharkiv IT Cluster makers resumed work at 95% of their capacity.

One of the pages of the IT Unbreakable Hubs blog is the story of Mobidev, which has always paid a lot of attention to preparing for any force majeure scenarios. Blackouts were no exception.

After February 24, 2022, the team had a new goal: to provide delivers with a one hundred percent guarantee and make the workspace safe for people.

office_mobidev-640x427 MobiDev's IT invincibility hubs: Proud of the team

MobiDev created the Invincibility Hub right in their Kharkiv office on the ground floor. In February and March, the team used this space as a shelter, and today the doors of the hub are always open for the team in case of emergencies.

The hub in Chernivtsi is fully operational and has become a refuge for many Mobidev members who were forced to leave their homes due to the invasion. Part of the team continues to work in the Polish office and keeps in touch with Ukraine.

Each MobiDev office is cozy and warm, with internet, coffee, and tea.

Teams located in other cities of Ukraine work in coworking spaces. As long as the issue of blackouts was relevant, the company rented premises in key cities of the country and partially compensated for the cost of renting workplaces for those who found places to work themselves.

teammates_mobidev-640x427 MobiDev's IT invincibility hubs: Proud of the team

MobiDev is proud of the team that fulfills all delivery commitments despite the difficult conditions. Teammates help each other and ensure an uninterrupted workflow. The company, in turn, continues to keep its finger on the pulse, responds to potential threats, force majeure, and looks for additional ways to ensure «invincibility» and the ability to deliver.

Every day, IT professionals prove that despite all the challenges, challenges and barriers, they continue to work and bring our Victory closer!

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