Kids2IT: Positive vibes and new perspectives

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Kids2IT is the one of the most emotional and cheerful projects of Kharkiv IT Cluster, because the main heroes are smart, ambitious kids that make their first steps in the world of IT and open new horizons there. Volunteers also play an important role here, coming to kids, sharing experience and knowledge.

During the last week five teams visited schools in Leninskiy, Zolochevskiy, Lozovskoy, Pervomayskiy and Oktyabrskiy regions of Kharkov. We have prepared a small report about it.


All the members of the project noticed the high activity of kids on the meetings and their familiarity with IT field. Seminars took place in the fashion of a dialogue and young audience freely communicated with lecturers. Kids know about various IT-specialities and even try to write code. Approximately 25% of them are familiar with at least one programming language and in Lozovaya volunteers met an upper-former who codes on three languages and independently creates apps. In the 65th gymnasium kids go in for robotechnics and artificial intelligence development. The most proactive got a souvenir bracelet from IT Cluster Kharkiv and we hope it will remind them about  a great meeting that inspired them and motivated to built an IT-career.


Headmasters, deputy head teachers, professors… Each of them contributed in carrying out a meetings. From lots of professors of informatics the seminar will become a momentum into self-education, help them to keep up with industry’s trends and encourage the development of a new educational approach. We hope so, because they are also our audience! Going by feedback – the positive effect truly exists. Teachers are eager to actively take part in city’s IT-life and stay up-to-date. Now they are waiting for the next stage of Kids2IT – tours to the IT-companies of Kharkov. We promise to make it real.


They are the main resource and value of the project. Thanks to them more than 500 school children has learnt about their perspectives in the IT-industry. More than 15% of them manifested their interest for the project and strive to commit themselves to this field. We are happy that each group of volunteers came with a good mood, back looking forward to go back again!  What is very important – IT-specialists not only evolve but also ready to share their knowledge with youngsters. We would like to thank everybody who took part in the seminars: Olga Babina, Natasha Kryukovska, Asya Tischenko, Vladimir Obrizan, Vladimir Rustinov, Evgenii Kulik, Georgii Revyakin, Viktoria Morgun, Gennadii Bukshevalov, Daria Zyubanova, Evgeniia Aliluenko, Roman Makhovetsky and Segrey Kulov. You have opened a new horizons to kids, inspired and give them a true dream.

Join the Kids2IT project – feel the positive vibe from kids, share your knowledge and your vision of IT. Help them to find their future with Kharkiv IT Cluster!