Kharkiv National University of Economics and Kharkiv IT Cluster is Launching “Internet Marketing” Course

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Strategic session on HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT demonstrated the need to introduce new currently important subjects in higher education institutions of Kharkiv City to Cluster participants. The company plans to launch a pilot project involving three courses for different universities of the City. Kharkiv National University of Economics has become the first pilot site. The representatives of the University and Kharkiv IT Cluster have jointly developed a practice-oriented program of “Internet Marketing” subject, which started, on May 18 at 09 p.m.

Leading experts in internet marketing in Ukraine, heads of corporate members of Kharkiv IT Cluster, namely Oleksandr Kolob (Promodo), Vitalii Kravchenko (Webline Promotion) and Maksym Samko (Art Lemon) will share their knowledge with the students.

This is a unique course for the academic environment. The lecturers will provide relevant theoretical information – performance marketing (SEO, PPC, E-mail marketing, assessment of efficiency of online communication) and non-performance marketing (social media marketing, reputation management, Internet marketing strategy). The students will also have an opportunity to consider the best cases from the experts’ practice and do practical exercises that will help to understand the basic principles of Internet marketing functioning.

The first students of the course will be the students of MBA French-Ukrainian program “Business Informatics”. Kharkiv IT Cluster is a partner of the program.

In addition, within the framework of the course we are going to implement another mission set in course of the strategic sessions: “Professional Development of Teachers”. Vitalii Kravchenko, CEO of Webline Promotion, will take several lecturers of Kharkiv National University of Economics on an internship in his company. Thus, teachers-theorists will be able to gain practical knowledge, learn about internet marketing trends and make their courses more relevant.

We are sure that the subject will become popular among the students and looking forward to the feedback both from them and their lecturers who will attend the internship. In case the first experiment is a success, Kharkiv IT Cluster will scale the project to other universities of the City.