Kharkiv IT Cluster’s birthday — we are 5 years old!

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festival-480x480 Kharkiv IT Cluster’s birthday — we are 5 years old! On July 9, Kharkiv IT Cluster celebrates its fifth birthday! During these five years, the Cluster has done a good job. We have contributed to both the IT industry and the Kharkiv region itself.

The Cluster focused on the integrated development of the ecosystem in five strategic areas:

  • education and investment in the development of human capital;
  • promotion of Kharkiv as an IT-center in Eastern Europe;
  • creation of comfortable infrastructure: offices, houses, and Smart City Project infrastructure;
  • strengthening the IT-community and immediate benefits for Kharkiv IT Cluster members;
  • interaction with authorities at the national and regional levels, legal support for Kharkiv IT Cluster members.

In terms of the scale of activity and development dynamics, the Kharkiv IT Cluster has become the most dynamic cluster among all non-governmental clusters in Eastern Europe!

What exactly has been done?

gift-480x480 Kharkiv IT Cluster’s birthday — we are 5 years old!

  • Kharkiv IT Cluster team has initiated more than 30 successful educational projects that improve the education system, from school career guidance to adult education, including training for technical students.
  • The Cluster’s projects are annually joined by more than 300 expert volunteers from the IT community.
  • The Cluster has joined the Smart City program, and together with our partners Avantazh, Stroycity Manufactura, Smart Village European Square, and Green Hills, we are constantly working on creating comfortable residential and office projects for the IT community.
  • The Cluster’s pages on social networks and the database of active contacts already consist of more than 25,000 readers, and the number is constantly growing.
  • Kharkiv IT Cluster has created the Kharkiv IT community, and now we are expanding it: there are 70+ participating companies and 40+ partners!
  • The Cluster team has created a package of constant discounts and special offers for IT specialists from our member companies. Together with ITomych Studio, we created an IT Loyalty app, offering discounts for favorite places and fitness clubs.
  • We have also provided favorable medical insurance from IC «Krayina» and banking services from partner banks UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group, KredoBank, and Vostok.
  • The Cluster cooperates with regional authorities on lobbying its strategic interests. We are actively involved in the development of the Kharkiv Strategy 2030 and the Kharkiv region Strategy 2027.
  • For the participating companies, the organization has created the IT Legal Support project to support and protect the interests of the IT business.
  • Kharkiv IT Cluster helps IT companies with national and international PR. The Cluster works closely with European and American organizations and associations, thanks to which we attract investments in the Kharkiv region. The Cluster successfully cooperates with embassies: in 2015, we managed to remove for Kharkiv the risk zone mark from the USA and Canada. In 2020, the representatives of our society, Radmirtech and Beetroot, took part in Davos 2020 Ukrainian House.

Kharkiv IT Research: IT market research project

search-2-480x480 Kharkiv IT Cluster’s birthday — we are 5 years old! This project is a large-scale research of the Kharkiv IT market, annually conducted by Kharkiv IT Cluster.
In 2018, more than 7000 IT specialists from 36 Kharkiv companies took part in the project!
In 2019, the scope of Ukraine’s IT audience was even greater.

The number of downloads of research results from the site has exceeded 10,000! They were also sent to 50 chambers of commerce abroad.
The international agency USAID accepted the results of Kharkiv IT Research as a confirmation for providing Ukraine with financial and technical assistance.

Kharkiv IT Cluster’s social initiative — IT4Life project

111 Kharkiv IT Cluster’s birthday — we are 5 years old! During the period of the coronavirus epidemic, Kharkiv IT Cluster did not stop working, and even more — we launched the IT4Life project to help the Kharkiv region in the fight against Covid-19.

Subsequently, the project had grown so much that a separate IT4Life charitable foundation was created. Till the end of June, we helped 18 hospitals in the Kharkiv region to purchase or repair medical equipment, and we helped 23 hospitals with the purchase of medical shields and disinfectants. IT company AltexSoft has also helped older people.

The IT community also provided the Kharkiv center for assessing the quality of education with protection and disinfection facilities for the requirements for conducting ZNO!

school-480x480 Kharkiv IT Cluster’s birthday — we are 5 years old! The size and number of our projects and initiatives are constantly growing. We are open to new participants, volunteers, and ideas!