Kharkiv IT Cluster helped an international company mimacom to represent itself in the city

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More than 250 Kharkiv Java developers as attendees, two presentations by top managers at international IT company, and live discussion about the up to date technologies – it was the format of professional meetup Microservices with Spring Cloud and Observables in Angular 2. The event was held on March 16, 2017. The information support was provided by Kharkiv IT Cluster.

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The participants got an opportunity to learn how to build scalable and resilient microservices using Spring Cloud, as well as how to use Observables in Angular. Mimacom top developers Alain Sahli and Carlos Morales covered the topics.

To the point, it was the first large-scale event by mimacom tailored after its first Ukrainian office opening in Kharkiv.

‘Our goals are to show that we want to participate in Kharkiv IT community, and also to show that mimacom is now present in Kharkiv, and finally share our knowledge and explain what we are doing. So we choose 2 of the main topics that we are working on’, said Alain Sahli, Executive Director Technology, mimacom.

Mimacom has got offices in various locations all over the world and has been developing the the successful business of a global scale within years. But, as it was told at the company, a few years ago they felt some kind of need to get new high-qualified professionals. So, the idea to find a new location and create there a new team appeared.

‘We analyzed where it would be the best place to build up a team, where it’s easy to get resources and really good and motivated people. Finally, we came to Kharkiv. Here we met some really good people who helped us to build up a team here’, – emphasized Chris Amacker, Executive Director of Operations, mimacom.

‘I was quite surprised by the quality of the IT specialists in Kharkiv. We made a lot of technical interviews. And the most of the people were good in the technical field. Now we started to work together. I also see that we have a kind of the same mindset, really quality-oriented thinking’, – said Alain Sahli.

Having come to Kharkiv, mimacom almost at once became a member of Kharkiv IT Cluster and joined the local IT life.

‘We are motivated to help you to make Kharkiv IT location a little bit stronger, to share some knowledge we have. On the other side, what we need from you is to become a part of the group, group of companies in Kharkiv. We try to bring new technologies and improve It market here in Kharkiv’, – said Chris Amacker.

Mimacom’s office in Kharkiv has already been in work. The company’s management hopes for the new team is to become a powerful and efficient part of the whole deal, and here they are going to embody complex, ambitious, and great projects.