Kharkiv IT Cluster held the Hackathon Smart city, Smart house

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December 16-17, Kharkiv hosted a “Smart city, Smart house” hackathon. 32 students split into 7 teams and supported by 9 mentors worked on projects for 30 hours. As the result, the teams presented 7 absolutely different useful and interesting projects.

‘The purpose of selecting ‘The Smart city, Smart house’ theme was that we all want our life to be easier and more comfortable, ensure that the things surrounding us help us save time – the most critical and limited resource that we have. And we would be really happy if there are more and more innovations and smart living startups created by Kharkiv professional community”, said Kharkiv IT Cluster Executive Director, Sofia Belenkova.

The level of preparation and solutions offered by the guys exceeded the expectations of our experienced demanding jury. The team “JFans”, who took the first place, created a hardware and software complex that allows you to monitor the status of the owner of the house or apartment. Using a gadget that is attached to the ear, the device reads the owner’s data (temperature, heart rate, pressure, saturation) and passes them to the application, allowing  the house to set the required temperature and comfortable ventilation in the room, thereby creating a comfortable environment for a person, enabling easier wakeups and smoother preparation for sleep. Also, the device can control lighting, creating the most natural light, which corresponds to the biorhythms of the owner.

The team also printed a prototype gadget on a 3D printer, which was provided to participants by one of the mentors, Alexander Semchenkov, a system ideologist of

The second place was taken by the team of “Global Solutions” who came up with a solution to the problem of the city center loaded with cars. Participants offered smart parking, which only takes two parking spaces, but accommodates up to 16 cars not exceeding 3 tons in weight. As example, they took Sumskaya Street and demonstrated the solution with effect to the city Historical center. With the help of a mobile application, which the guys have also developed in a few hours, you can see the parkings nearby, select from the number of available slots and pay online.

The third place was granted to the “Bells Team” who  have developed a mobile application that can help you enjoy a trip to any foreign city, understand the location of attractions, hotels, cafes and restaurants, taxi services and so on. The application is practical and convenient – just enter the dates of your stay in the specified city and you will see the best routes for sightseeing and options for nights fun time. Also, if necessary, you can order a personal guide.

The other teams also demonstrated interesting projects that deserve attention and the great perspectives in the future.

The “Watermelons” team developed an application to allow you control the amount of food in the refrigerator, prepare your favorite dishes from a distance – start defrosting, set a steak and clean / cut the potatoes for frying while you are yet on your way home. It is enough to choose the recipe or product you need and the system will cook everything for you.

The “SLife” team introduced the concept and developed a prototype application, that allows  you to vote without leaving your home, based on the data of new Ukrainian biometric passports. This can save your time and make sure that nobody uses your voice.

Members of the “KhaIT” team created a ring with an alarm button, which is synchronized with the phone. If there is any danger, it is enough to hold down the button and the call will go to the desired service. The prototype ring was also printed on a 3D printer.

And the “RedWood” team decided to simplify the life of a number of Ukrainian cities by sorting garbage – through integrating a garbage disposal facility into new houses, which immediately sorts and optimizes the amount of incoming garbage.

Hackathon was held with the support of the Office of Investment Development and Image projects of the Kharkiv City Council.

Kharkiv IT Cluster thanks  EZLO, Triol (Vertical), Videal,, OnTaxi, Docsify, Vialex Motion Lab, AgileEngine, startup platform CROUD, Opencartonly and UkrSibBank for the active assistance in organizing, mentoring, evaluating projects and providing gifts.