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Everyone is familiar with the now fashionable word IT pro. All the advanced Ukrainian parents dream that their children are among the favorites: programmers, designers, web designers, or at least, the testers. And it’s not about high salaries. The very atmosphere of these mysterious professions gives the feeling something European, fresh and very anti-Sov.

Spalah IT-School, with its young, “burning” of teachers, moved away from the traditional education of sleepy Soviet universities as far as possible. No boring lectures, bribes, absenteeism, gray walls and useless diplomas “for parents” who are only good for them to cut sausage.

Studying in Spalah is interesting: it is clubish set, live communication, the experience based on real knowledge. And most importantly – is it possible to find a real job with this knowledge will be useful.


Start learning Spalah is never too early!
This year, in Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk, besides regular courses “Fundamentals of IT» for children from 12 to 14 years, a new group for the little ones is offered. Due to ideological romantics Spalah and volunteers Code Club UA join the secrets of the programming will be able to kids from 7 years.

At this age, we once dreamed of being a trolley driver, to be doctors and astronauts. After the course Scratch children will dream of writing code to create computer games, fluent in three languages, making a cool web design and visit the Silicon Valley. And of course! – Continue studying in Spalah IT-School.

Where and when?

Kharkov children have already started classes on January 27 branch Spalah (TC “Karavan”). Set in the group continues.

To get to the lecture it is enough to fill in the name of the child’s application form online via the link

Education on the course Scratch is free. Lessons are held in the form of a game, easy and fun.

Let’s educate new generation of Ukrainian IT-specialists!


Organizers of training:
Spalah IT-School

Code Club UA.

Spalah, Dnepropetrovsk
pr. Karl Marx 5, 6th Floor
tel. 38 (067) 987 96 44.

Kharkiv, Spalah
Str. Heroes of Labour, 7b, the TC “Karavan”.
tel. 38 (050) 664-99-40