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In cooperation with European digital transformation leaders, the Intellias team will develop a city of the future from the ground up.Razdelytely-dlya-sajta2-640x44 Intellias engineers to develop a city of the futureThe first all-digital city aims to visualize the urban future of the mankind. Located at the intersection of the world’s trading routes, in the desert, the new city is planned to run on reusable energy, AI, and other innovative solutions. The project scope includes creating a people-oriented space with public transportation and autonomous cars commuting beneath the ground. The project’s mission is to achieve 100% green energy usage and seamless symbiosis of nature and technologies. The overall budget approaches $1 trillion USD.

The new city will use and analyze more than 90% of information, building a connected urban system. Using state-of-the-art technologies, big data and AI, its creators want to build a cognitive city, which can think and explore the world around.Razdelytely-dlya-sajta2-640x44 Intellias engineers to develop a city of the futureThe new city re-imagines the key economic sectors. Engineers work on creating desalination systems to use sea water. They have also signed a contract to produce «green» hydrogen. The city plans to establish a digital AI-based healthcare system, sustainable public transportation, and innovative flights connection.

Technologies are at the heart of the new city. Its successful functioning depends on finding innovative solutions – from big data analysis platforms to water desalination systems. The world’s leading experts in urbanization, construction, digital transformation and education have already started working on the digital city. Currently, Intellias gathers its own engineering team, which will join the project. We invite AI experts, Java developers, AQAs, Scrum masters, DevOps specialists and experienced Architects. One of the first initiatives, that our team will work on, is creation of an e-government administration system. We develop a Helpdesk application that will allow future citizens to receive any governmental service online. Apart from that our specialists will work on developing a cognitive operating system, which will become key to the digital city’s functioning.Razdelytely-dlya-sajta2-640x44 Intellias engineers to develop a city of the future«It is one of the biggest and most expensive projects to be released in this decade, and we have a chance to help a revolutionary idea become reality. It’s a challenge for us, since our team will work with, and sometimes compete against, the world’s best tech and consulting companies. I believe that it will be a unique experience for everyone involved», – says Roman Reznikov, Head of Segment Digital at Intellias.Razdelytely-dlya-sajta2-640x44 Intellias engineers to develop a city of the futureThe project’s main goal echoes Intellias’ social mission. We strive to build sustainable and ecomobile cities. We have one of the strongest expertise in automotive industry among Ukrainian IT companies. Developing autonomous cars and navigation systems for global manufacturers, Intellias’ engineers will use their profound experience to help establish the city of the future.

Razdelytely-dlya-sajta2-640x44 Intellias engineers to develop a city of the future

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