How to estimate the satisfaction of employees in the team?

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HR CommunITy recently held an event on “Assessment of team satisfaction and its connection with business performance”.

ℹ️ The workshop is implemented by Kharkiv IT Cluster with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy of Ukraine Programme.

The speaker of the event was Olha Ivanova, HRD, a representative of ARTJOKER.

In the program of the event, Olha Ivanova highlighted a list of important topics for HR specialists:

  • a list of trends for 2024 according to world statistics;
  • challenges that Ukraine will face next year;
  • assessment of employee satisfaction and engagement in the team;
  • statistics confirming the importance of HR analytics;
  • indicators for employee engagement that will be useful for your business.

In addition, the speaker shared useful tips and experience from her workplace, highlighted important points, and engaged the audience in discussion.

Therefore, each of the attendees of the event had the opportunity to express their opinions on Olha’s questions, share their own experiences, and simply ask the expert a question.


Global trends for 2024

  • Lack of talent;
  • Low employee engagement;
  • Loss of trust in performance reviews;
  • Economic downturn;
  • Decrease in the overall level of positive experience, increase in negative experience;
  • The effect of silent dismissal and a culture of “fuss”;
  • Unstable employee performance (from super productivity to a sharp decline and apathy due to increased anxiety);
  • Full adoption of DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging);
  • Overload of managers;
  • Decreased connection with corporate culture (due to remote work);
  • Lack of interest in change

Interesting facts about trends

Interesting_facts_about_trends-414x233 How to estimate the satisfaction of employees in the team?

Challenges Ukraine will face in the new year

Challenges_Ukraine_will_face_in_the_new_year-414x233 How to estimate the satisfaction of employees in the team?

Assessment of team satisfaction and its connection with business performance

📌 “Why?” – the importance of HR analytics and its connection with the company’s business performance

📌 “How?” – methods of assessing staff satisfaction – what are their advantages and disadvantages

📌 “What’s next?” – how to use the results of the assessment

Then Olha gave an example of applications that perform such functions as heart rate tracking, step counting and asked the audience: “Why do you need this? How do you further use the data from these metrics, what does this app process?”

And based on this, the speaker provided the following statistics.

Statistics on the importance of HR analytics

“HR analytics can use about 300 metrics in terms of recruiting, training, onboarding, motivation, etc., but we don’t use them 100% of the time,” Olha said.

Statistics_on_the_importance_of_HR_analytics-414x233 How to estimate the satisfaction of employees in the team?

“Always take into account the fourth HR metric, think about how you can prevent and anticipate a problem, not how to overcome it,” Olha advised.

Satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement: what’s the difference?

🚀 Satisfaction implies that an employee is generally satisfied with his or her company, with the basic performance, and is ready to continue working here, but without putting in more effort than required by the job description.

🚀 Loyalty is the next level of commitment. The employee likes the company, and is ready to stay in one place for a long time, remaining a dedicated employee, but not trying to do more than is expected of him or her.

🚀 An engaged employee is interested in the company’s development. They take initiative, offer new ideas, and are not afraid to take responsibility for them.

Employee engagement in the world (2022 research)

Employee_engagement_in_the_world_2022_research-414x233 How to estimate the satisfaction of employees in the team?


  • Company.
  • The success of the project.
  • Client
    • customer engagement (loyalty) (NPS);
    • customer expectations (performance metrics).
  • People (team)
    • staff engagement (eNPS);
    • turnover rate.

The goal of eNPS

eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) is an assessment method that measures loyalty through employee engagement.

  • eNPS assesses the likelihood that an employee will want to recommend a company as a place to work;
  • eNPS helps to understand what employees like and dislike about the company.

Employee engagement is not a level of happiness. Conversations with colleagues over lunch, and the joy of a holiday party says nothing about how hard the staff works to achieve the company’s goals.

Employee engagement is not satisfaction. Employee satisfaction measures the minimum level, while engagement tries to make everyone achieve more. While satisfaction is usually enough to retain employees, it is often not enough to drive productivity.

Employee engagement is not well-being. Well-being looks at every area of an employee’s life (both inside and outside the office) to determine how well a person manages stress, is productive, contributes to the community, and fulfils their potential.

What makes an engaged employee stand out?

  • He recommends the company as an employer.
  • They make extra efforts (improve the quality of work, work overtime, spend their time on development and training).
  • Performs actions that go beyond their functions (takes initiative, makes suggestions, works on new projects, etc.).

eNPS score

eNPS_score-414x233 How to estimate the satisfaction of employees in the team?

❗ It is important to understand what this group of respondents like about the company and what made them give such a high rating.

❗ Use this information to hire and retain the best talent.

eNPS results on the example of ARTJOKER

A total of 78% of employees took part in the survey

Employee satisfaction and engagement index

eNPS = % of supporters – % of critics

eNPS = 53% – 9% = 44%.

Measured from -100 to 100%:

  • If the figure is higher than 10%, there is no reason to be concerned;
  • If the figure is lower, it is worth looking into engagement and satisfaction.

Drivers of eNPS

Drivers_of_eNPS_part1-414x233 How to estimate the satisfaction of employees in the team?

Drivers of eNPS (part 1)

Drivers_of_eNPS_part2-414x233 How to estimate the satisfaction of employees in the team?

Drivers of eNPS (part 2)

To get an accurate result, you need to:

  • Use the same questions every time.
  • Conduct the survey regularly at regular intervals (3 months)
  • The survey should be anonymous.
  • Surveys should be conducted not only throughout the company but also in departments or even teams. This is the easiest way to find problem areas.
  • For fast and efficient analysis, use survey automation.

Gallup Q12

Gallup Q12 is the most effective measure of employee engagement and its impact on the results that matter most to your business.

Gallup results are directly related to the following indicators:

  • Indicator 1 – Productivity
  • Indicator 2 – Profitability
  • Indicator 3 – Retention
  • Indicator 4 – Employee turnover

“How else can we measure employee satisfaction? Our company, for example, has launched a suggestion box, and you can also use bots and questionnaires about employee mood, stress, etc.”, the speaker shared.

📹 If you were unable to join the event, you can now watch it on our YouTube channel.

We would like to thank Tucha and Happy Monday for supporting our HR CommunITy event by Kharkiv IT Cluster.

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