Feedback on Kharkiv IT Cluster by IT-Jim

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Kharkiv IT Cluster always works for our participating companies. And we are pleased to bring real benefits to our companies.

Daryna Pesina, COO of the IT-Jim, our member, sent us a video with feedback on the work of Kharkiv IT Cluster, and we are going to share it with you.

We are sincerely grateful for such warm and wonderful feedback! It inspires our team for further productive work and new initiatives for you.

Thank you for staying with Kharkiv IT Cluster!

‘Hi! My name is Irina Pesina, I’m COO at IT-Jim, which specializes in intellectual processing of visual information. What benefits can Kharkiv IT Cluster bring to companies, especially small ones? Firstly, you probably have an ambitious promotion task ahead of you, not only in terms of attracting new customers or increasing the number of incoming leads, but also increasing awareness, interest in your news, events or projects. Kharkiv IT Cluster provides full information support to companies that are part of it. This means that not only more than 70 cluster member companies, but also more than 25,000 subscribers in social networks will learn about the things that you are proud of. Secondly, for us it is, for example, very important, these are educational projects. If you want to influence what level of specialists you get after graduation, then what kind of specialized skills or knowledge they have. Do you have every opportunity to do this? And not only to influence the program of courses in universities, but also to the qualifications of teachers who will read these programs. Thirdly, since the Cluster includes completely diverse companies with their own strengths, the specialists of these companies at events from the cluster will help you improve your skills in those issues where you still lack expertise from PR, marketing, lead generation, to legal issues of doing business in Ukraine. Cluster is a team of professionals with whom it is very comfortable to have a dialogue and who do a lot of useful things for the IT community in the city and in the country. If you join these companies in Kharkiv, I am sure that you will find your benefit.”