Exchange currency at the interbank rate with Kredobank

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Always a little bit more advantageous. Kredobank provides an opportunity to exchange currency at the interbank exchange rate and without a fee for IT private individuals-entrepreneurs. It’s better than the commercial rate.

Who benefits from this?

Anyone who has foreign currency private individual-entrepreneurs’ bank accounts and regularly exchanges USD/EUR for UAH.

Why is it profitable?

First of all, a good rate. On the interbank market, it is always more advantageous (on average 0.25-0.4% higher) than the commercial rate at other banks. Kredobank makes sure that our currency exchange is one of the best on the market. Make sure of this by reviewing the interbank exchange rate at which the following transactions have taken place lately: USD, EUR.

Secondly, the service is free for private individuals-entrepreneurs in the field of IT, who are involved in servicing at the bank as a group – the main legal entity and private individuals-entrepreneurs. Kredobank does not charge any separate fee or commission for this when servicing your personal accounts. And you are unlimited in the amount you want to convert or the number of currency exchange applications.

How does it work?

You create an application for the sale of currency at KredoBank online banking. Kredobank exchanges your currency for UAH at the interbank rate and credits the amount in UAH to your private individual-entrepreneur UAH account. All of this is done within a day.

What do I need for this?

Have private individual-entrepreneur UAH accounts at Kredobank. With Kredobank you do everything as usual, it’s just a little bit more advantageous.