EPAM University announces enrollment to five new educational programs

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A new educational wave has started at EPAM University.

Students will be able to gain profound knowledge in the following areas: Testing, Java, Performance Analysis, Test Automation and .Net in June already. In July there will be activities in Cloud and DevOps programs. Enrollments during the war time have no geographical limitations – anyone from around the world may join in.

For more than 12 years the company has been teaching all those willing to gain in-depth knowledge in technologies. Not only the students of technical universities join the program, but also the “switchers”, those who decided to change their career path and try their hand in IT. Teachers and mentors, as well as active specialists from EPAM are teaching at the University. Due to the war, in March the EPAM University department made a pause to set up their work from safer places. In April the team renewed its work with the existing groups and opened a program ІТ-Fundamentals that gives basic technical training and soft skills. That was the time when a record number of 17 thousand people registered for the course.

Overall, the process of selecting students and studying hasn’t changed. Having had 3 months of studying in the external course, the successful graduates may join the studying in labs at EPAM University. By the end of the year some of them join the project work in the company in the positions of junior specialists. According to forecasts that number may include thousands of them, as, in spite of the war, the IT sphere is actively developing.

“We see that interest in the programs is growing. Even for the difficult programs, which require prior knowledge and skills, there are twice as many people registering, compared to the pre-war period. We are connecting this to the fact that many people lost their jobs as the war started and now they are hoping to master a new speciality and join the more stable IT sphere” – comments Denys Hrynyov, manager of the educational programs at EPAM University.

One of the innovations in this year’s programs is the open access to the majority of video resources, considering the fact that part of the students are studying under the war conditions and during the air raids and threats of shelling. Besides that, for the students drafted to the army and territorial defense forces, the places in the groups are saved. As they return, they will be able to resume studying without additional entrance exams.

You can get more info about the admission requirements and register at the EPAM University portal. The EPAM University telegram channel will keep you posted.


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