Davos 2020 is an effective platform for interaction between state authorities and business representatives.

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On January 31, 2020, IT Ukraine Association gathered participants and organizers of the Davos 2020 Ukrainian House to discuss Ukraine’s positioning in the international market and the investment potential generated by the Ukrainian IT industry.

The meeting took place at InnoHub in Kyiv and was moderated by Ian Cale, Marketing Vice President of Infopulse

Within the meeting, participants discussed the results of the Ukraine House Davos initiative activities which Kharkiv IT Cluster and its members Beetroot and Radmirtech took part in.

«This year at the Davos Ukrainian House was held 16 panel discussions with speakers from 12 countries around the world. In the five days we were visited by about 8,000 guests, we received over 2.2 million likes on social networks. All the participants and guests of the Davos Ukrainian House noted the extraordinary energy of «New Ukraine» — shared the main insights of the panel Alex Chopovskaya, Executive Director of Davos Ukrainian House

Speakers noted that the visits of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Goncharuk were very impressive for the guests of the Ukrainian House Davos.

«If we want to attract international investment, both at the state and business level, we need to make a loud statement for the world to know about our success stories. Ukrainian House Davos is an effective platform for collaboration between government and business representatives to unite for working together on improving international image of Ukraine» — assured Alexey Felov, Managing Partner of INTEGRITES.

Speakers of the panel discussion specially focused on the need for transformation of the education system. Quality education, modern curricula and the opportunity to learn throughout life are important backgrounds for building a new creative economy of Ukraine which is attractive to foreign investors. In order to meet the demands of the labor market, every specialist, regardless of age and profession, needs to develop critical thinking, creativity and soft skills.

Kharkiv IT Cluster is proud to be a part of the dynamically developing industry of Ukraine and one of the leading drivers of transforming the region into the new and effective social system, comfortable for living, studying and working.