DataArt announced the first graduates from the QA engineers’ school

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DataArt’s development center in Kharkiv has completed the first course of its QA School for IT beginners.

About 30 people were enrolled in DataArt’s QA schools, mostly students with no experience in IT, and most of them – women. There were no age limits. The main selection criteria were motivation, quality of solving tasks based on logic and thinking, and knowledge of English. The training was free of charge.

For the past two months the students have attended nine lectures on manual and automated testing. The school’s mentors were experienced test engineers: Sergey Obruch (Senior QA), Maxim Fesenko (QA Manual/Automation) and Yury Kandyrin (Senior QA).

All graduates who have successfully completed their studies will receive a graduation certificate. But the most active students will have the opportunity to become a trainee at DataArt.

Last fall, DataArt launched its first IT School. Our technical experts selected 50 students who studied in four areas: design, .NET, JS, and QA. The students learned the basic concepts and decided what they would like to do in the future.

DataArt’s Kharkiv development center is one of the most acceptable for those who wish to make the first steps in IT. In 2017, we had 16 trainees. Nowadays there are many types of internships in DataArt for PHP developers, QA engineers, mobile developers, etc. The list is constantly being updated.

Last year, DataArt started working with 320 IT specialists from Ukraine. Trainees and junior specialists accounted for about 30% of the people who got employed at DataArt in 2017.

DataArt plans to expand cooperation with young specialists. On June 1, DataArt’s Kharkiv office will hold an Open Students Day for everyone who is interested in working in IT.