How to convert likes and followers into sales and customers

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Today, social networks are not just a place to socialize and view memes. Social media is a full-fledged platform for finding customers and selling your own products and services.

According to Global Digital, in 2022, the number of people using social media increased by 137 million. As of January 2023, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Tik Tok, and other platforms had a total of 4.76 billion users.

As for Ukraine, the statistics are as follows: 7 million Ukrainians regularly make purchases online, including on social media.

That’s why Kharkiv IT Cluster, together with international partners from the EEN consortium, organized a series of digitalization webinars for entrepreneurs, managers, and owners of small and medium-sized businesses.

ℹ️ Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized companies with international ambitions, with 12 years of experience in business environments in 70 countries (Europe, the United States, and Asia).

The first series of webinars was devoted to the study of IT practices and their implementation for businesses and enterprises in other areas.

The events of the second series of webinars took place on June 19 and 22, respectively, and were dedicated to business promotion in social media.

First webinar

Speaker of the event: Iryna Volytska, Senior SMM Manager, strategist at Netpeak Agency.

Meeting topic: SMM & Business. How to announce your business on social media.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can fulfill specific business objectives.

smm_and_business-414x233 How to convert likes and followers into sales and customers

Iryna spoke about the social networks that businesses use today to achieve their goals, the features of each platform, advantages, and functionality. The speaker analyzed Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and LinkedIn in detail.

Special attention was paid to the development of a personal brand.

5 practical tips: How to create a personal brand?

  1. Clearly define the goal you want to achieve
  2. Distribute responsibilities. You will have to spend resources on maintaining your own page: either money or time
  3. Formulate your value proposition. What makes you different from the rest?
  4. Define your audience
  5. Don’t forget about media communication

«You don’t have to show your personal life to run a personal brand page,» adds Irina, Senior SMM Manager, strategist at Netpeak Agency.

In addition, the speaker of the meeting opened the curtain for all participants and told them what specialists make up a full-fledged SMM team.

smm_team-414x233 How to convert likes and followers into sales and customers

«Several specialists are behind the maintenance of one page, but there are cases when one person combines several professions,» Iryna comments.

Second webinar

The second meeting was held on June 22, in a workshop format.

The topic of the event: How to create a cool text? To be read and bought
Speaker of the event: Olga Sukhorukova, Senior Content Coordinator, Kharkiv IT Cluster.

After this meeting, all the attendees received practical tools that they can use in their lives when writing their own texts.

«Someone might ask: Why do we need texts? But texts are now everywhere: a phone conversation, an e-mail reply, an SMS, a reel or story, a news item, a price tag — these are all texts,» Ms. Olha quoted.

cool_text-414x233 How to convert likes and followers into sales and customers

Despite the fact that video content is now very popular, text does not lose its influence on communication between people.

Personal communication = personal reputation
Business communication = company reputation + personal reputation
Advertising text = company reputation + personal reputation + sales

«There is only one chance to address the interlocutor in the text! The first message is the most valuable because it forms the first opinion about a person, company, product, or service,» the speaker of the meeting emphasized.

Over the past 5-6 years, business texts have changed their face, they have become interesting and live-in messengers. Telegram is one of these messengers, but email correspondence hasn’t disappeared either and is still popular in business correspondence.

telegram_email_eng-414x233 How to convert likes and followers into sales and customers

In addition, Olga Sukhorukova shared tools that will help make your texts effective and accurate:

📌 a template of the perfect text;
📌 magic text tools;
📌 3 drafts for the text: for yourself, the reader, and the hater.

All those who registered for the second series of webinars on digitalization got access to a closed chat. Each participant can get individual advice from the speakers and stay in touch with other participants of the event. In addition, all participants received certificates of completion of the digitalization webinar.

🎬 Recording of the webinar «SMM & Business. How to announce your business in social networks»
🎬 Recording of the workshop «How to write a cool text»

Special thanks to Kharkiv IT Cluster info partners for supporting and promoting the webinars:

🤝 Happy Monday
🤝 WiT Ukraine
🤝 Tucha

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Kharkiv IT Cluster invites all entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners to the third series of digitalization webinars to be held in July. Find out more about the topics of the following meetings and register for the events here.

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