Books for soft skills development

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In addition to knowledge in the profession, in the modern world, it is important to have soft skills, or non-specialized skills. For example, the ability to negotiate, find and process information, and manage your own time. These skills increase your competitiveness and effectiveness.

Kharkiv IT Cluster has prepared a list of books that will develop your soft skills:

  • Jedi Techniques, Max Dorofeev. The author tells in detail how our mind, thinking, and memory work. As soon as you understand this, the author gives a bunch of practical tips on how to concentrate, formulate tasks, and keep up with more.
  • New rules of business communication, Maxim Ilyahov. The book tells about the rules of business communication. The author gives a lot of examples so you can learn how to write commercial offers, answers and requests to clients, and other work letters.
  • Start with no, Jim Camp. The book teaches you how to negotiate, evaluate your opponent, and defend your point of view. And first of all, the author tells how to manage your behavior. He believes that the further development of a dialogue depends on ourselves.
  • The Mom Test, Rob Fitzpatrick. The author of the book shares questions you have to ask customers, target audience, and partners. Also, the book clarifies what answers are given out of politeness, and do not have any value, and how to avoid socially desirable answers.

Books are a limitless source of theory, advice, and life hacks. However, it is important to put everything into practice. Therefore, choose a book which description you like the most, absorb the theory, and start practicing now.

Achieve success with Kharkiv IT Cluster and wait for our new book collections!