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Bank Vostok is a friend and partner of the Kharkiv IT Cluster. The main principle of Bank Vostok work is a special approach to everyone. That is why the bank’s team pays great attention to offers and services to meet all the needs of customers from various business areas. IT is no exception.

The beginning of a full-scale invasion

Since the first days of the war, Bank Vostok has organized uninterrupted operation of its branches — its employees have shown great resilience and courage. The bank manages to develop even in the worst of times for the country and supports the country’s economy.

Some of the achievements of Bank Vostok and its team during this time:

📌 On February 25, 2022, Bank Vostok received a UAH 1 billion refinancing loan from the NBU for a one-year term. Thanks to a prudent strategy and efficient work of all bank services, the loan was repaid on November 25, 2022
📌 Bank Vostok was one of the first banks to organize cash withdrawals at «Silpo» cash desks for its customers at the beginning of the war
📌 Helped clients relocate their businesses to safer regions of the country
📌 POWER BANKING joined the NBU banking network — regular branches of the bank were able to operate even during the blackout. Today, there are 77% of such branches of Bank Vostok
📌 Bank Vostok was the first Ukrainian bank to purchase the «Sovereign Bonds of Ukraine» issued by the Government of Canada
📌 From the first days of the war, Bank Vostok employees created a volunteer group to provide prompt targeted help to employees in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as to purchase the necessary supplies for the military and their families
📌 Bank Vostok, the CHARITY FUND «Miloserdya Viktor» and the 126th Separate Territorial Defense Brigade of the city of Odesa signed an open for accession Memorandum of Interaction and Cooperation. The defenders who are now at the front are regularly provided with assistance

Organization of work in Kharkiv

Employees of Bank’s Vostok Kharkiv branches managed to keep the branches open and provide services to the city’s residents despite the large-scale shelling. This included not only direct work tasks, but also helping others and restoring the damaged branches.

For example, after a powerful explosion on Svobody Square destroyed the regional state administration building, the central branch of Bank Vostok in Kharkiv was also heavily damaged. Windows were smashed, ceilings collapsed, doors and video surveillance were damaged. The Bank’s employees themselves started looking for materials and boarding up the windows, and one of their clients helped with the materials.

📌 While the Kharkiv branches were unable to work physically, specialists served customers remotely. The bank’s team worked in extreme conditions and retrained as a customer support service – through hotline and chatbot channels
📌 To ensure the efficient operation of outlets in the city, Bank Vostok replaced equipment according to the needs of the sellers – alternative communication channels were selected for each of them
📌 We managed to implement the salary projects of the city’s utilities. Due to blackouts and communication interruptions, we had to issue cards in completely different locations — even at metro stations under shelling
📌 Some bank employees used their own cars to deliver food and supplies to the residents of Saltivka at a time when people were unable to temporarily leave due to shelling and were left without access to food

Services for IT specialists

The work continues despite everything. During the war, Bank Vostok was able to fully adapt to the new conditions and make its services more convenient.

Currently, a full range of banking services is offered for IT specialists:

📌 Personal manager with the possibility of visiting your company’s office, direct dealing, individual exchange rate, cash withdrawals from ATMs of Ukraine and branches of Bank Vostok without commission, free cash replenishment in USD/EUR
📌 A premium card with which it is convenient to travel
📌 Individual safes for secure storage of valuables
📌 «Zbyralochka» service is a savings account in UAH, which is opened to your card and accrues up to 6% per annum on the balance of funds

services_vostok-414x233 Bank Vostok: work during the war

📞 For more details, please call: +38 (095) 610-00-16, Natalia.

Bank Vostok does its best to provide quality services to its customers and support them at all times. The work continues and improves — we do everything for the sake of Victory!

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