Welcome to the IT Cluster in the Cloud!

📢 Welcome to the Cloud IT Cluster!

IT Cluster IT Cluster

The new project “IT Cluster in the Cloud” opens up additional opportunities for IT companies in a difficult period of turbulence.

This initiative, developed by Kharkiv IT Cluster with the support of USAID Competitive Economy Program, aims to support and provide cluster services for IT companies without any location restrictions.

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🌐Project idea

🎯Our purpose and goals

🤝Unique features of the project

🌐 Project idea

An IT Cluster is a powerful community that unites and inspires. Previously, the answer to the question about the cities where a company has offices (and therefore a team) was simple. Now, IT people are scattered all over the country and the world. Some stayed or returned to their hometowns, while others were forced to relocate, keeping home in their hearts.

This, along with the recession and the war, has created new challenges for businesses. The cluster is a support, but the time resources for interaction with the community are limited. So which community to join if your team is scattered around the world, and how to get quality cluster services for your business?

💪 Kharkiv IT Cluster is a strong community that has been able to grow and withstand the storms of time thanks to its unity. Today it brings together more than 270 members and partners.

Bez-ymeny-2-640x44 📢 Welcome to the Cloud IT Cluster!

🎯 Our purpose and goals

The goal of the IT Cluster in the Cloud project is to support small and medium-sized IT companies that are located all over Ukraine and the world but keep in touch with their hometowns.

The project will be open to both current members of Kharkiv IT Cluster and IT business representatives who are not members of the community.

The first stage of the project will last 6 months and include a portfolio of cluster services, which will result in:

  • increased sustainability of participating IT companies;
  • improved ability to sell and hire more talent;
  • additional investments.

Bez-ymeny-2-640x44 📢 Welcome to the Cloud IT Cluster!

🤝 Unique features of the project

Support and protection

Get access to cluster services to run your IT business in uncertain times.

Information support

Get access to up-to-date information and expertise in the IT sector.

Expertise Exchange

Join a virtual community of professionals to share experiences and ideas.

Bez-ymeny-2-640x44 📢 Welcome to the Cloud IT Cluster!

Join the IT Cluster in the Cloud, increase business resilience and attract talented employees even in turbulent times.

Fill out an application on the website and receive unique cluster services without geolocation restrictions.

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The USAID Competitive Economy Program supports startups and SMEs to increase the competitiveness and development of Ukrainian business.

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