AnyforSoft: How We’ve Grown from 3 to over 80 People on Board

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AnyforSoft is an IT company known in Ukraine and abroad, specialized in custom website and mobile application development. The main directions of AnyforSoft services are Drupal, React, and Node.JS. The high level of expertise and providing business solutions allowed the company to become one of the largest Drupal developers in Europe.

How it all started

AnyforSoft started working 9 years ago, in the format of small teams consisting of 3 multifunctional HTML specialists, who worked with the most popular CMS platforms. By the way, the company was called accordingly then — HTML & CMS.

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The years passed, the AnyforSoft team was rapidly growing. The staff of managers appeared and increased, the sales department was launched, technology stack was expanded, and the focus was taken on the outsourcing services. The main direction of activity was still development based on Drupal and PHP. Soon another technology — JavaScript was added to the stack that helped in launching headless solutions, which gained popularity later.

As for React.JS and Node.JS, now these technologies have formed a separate direction within the AnyforSoft team.

Today AnyforSoft is a team of over 80 specialists from Ukraine and other countries.

How the company managed to take one of the leading positions in the European Drupal market

The AnyforSoft team always demands not only the quality of the created products but also the impression customers get from the cooperation. That is why we try to adapt as much as possible to the terms, budget, and other wishes of the clients.

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Of course, providing the competitiveness of projects is always in focus. Thus, end-to-end researches on the market including leading products, top technologies, highly effective approaches to development, and so on are always in step with the activities of the developers.

Why we have become one of the few companies with a complete remote-first culture

There is a popular belief that people who work remotely are less productive because it is more difficult for them to maintain optimal working rates.

Nevertheless, from the very beginning of its existence, AnyforSoft has provided its team with a flexible schedule and the possibility of remote collaboration, which undoubtedly has borne fruit.

So, no obligatory connection to the office for 40 hours a week had an extremely positive effect on the self-development of team members and to their involvement in the process. And no matter the paradox, the results of the team’s work improved.

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An office is certainly a good thing. It offers a number of benefits such as a coffee machine, PlayStation, and chitchat in the hallway. But it will not easily allow you to go to the sea for a couple of months and work remotely from anywhere in the world. We welcome it.

That is why the remote culture has become one of the main values of AnyforSoft. Everyone got the opportunity to do what they love when and where they want. Wherever you have just given birth to twins, want to live in another country for some time or do not want your cat to feel lonely, you choose whether to stay home or come to the office.

We can be anywhere. The team gets in touch from Qatar, the Canary Islands, Portugal, Georgia, Italy, the USA, and many other countries.

As for the disadvantages of remote work, we don’t have them. Well, we no longer have them.
By choosing the right software and development methodology, AnyforSoft managers have succeeded in reducing them to zero.

It should be noted that, in AnyforSoft everybody can work from the office if they feel it comfortable. Nevertheless, the possibility of remote work has become a real salvation for introverts, “owls” and those who live far from the company’s office in the city center. Today AnyforSoft has three offices in Ukraine, one in Europe and we plan to open an office in the USA.

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We can say with confidence that remote work doesn’t make us disconnected, but gives freedom. Trips to the mountains, karaoke, basketball, running, cycling, and other joint events unite the team. We regularly see each other in person and have fun, which allows us to connect and make friends.

What moves the AnyforSoft team

The AnyforSoft team responsibilities have never consisted of a simple implementation of technical tasks.

AnyforSoft management is arranged the way that even a newcomer in the team immediately feels like a full partner of the client. This means that they should also be aimed at the client’s success, competitiveness, and stability. Therefore, AnyforSoft team managers always reveal initiative and creativity in their wards, motivating them to express their opinion.

It all starts with taking the right people to the team.

We hire those who are interested in the client’s business, strive to delve deeper into the purposes of launching the product, and offer their versions of optimizing the development and release process.

This makes it clear why in the description of AnyforSoft open job positions you can often find such requirements as proactivity, involvement, business orientation, and producing solutions.

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Thanks to a properly selected team, AnyforSoft manages to ensure not only friendly relations in the team but also the most responsible approach to product development, which means satisfying the client’s needs in the long term.

What we can say about AnyforSoft’s mission

As it grows, the AnyforSoft team is constantly striving to achieve maximum productivity by developing optimal cultural values and conditions for the employees.

As a result, the AnyforSoft team prioritized the success of the customer’s business at all the projects and the whole vision of their work. We love implementing complex tasks, which require a non-standard approach and offer unique solutions for the client’s business.

Wrapping up

AnyforSoft is a team of dedicated people who share the same priorities and values.

Along with adapting to changing market requirements and constant search of the best technology stack, AnyforSoft never forgets the simple human truths that stand by any business partnership.