70 trillion frames per second: the camera of the future

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Do you want to see what a light wave looks like? Scientists will arrange it! As close as if it was ordinary threads.

The California Institute of Technology has developed a camera that shoots at a speed of 70 trillion frames per second! The human eye is not able to see in real-time what this camera captures.

For comparison: a smartphone shoots at a speed of 1000 frames per second, a professional camera — 10,000 frames per second. One of the last cameras shot one trillion frames per second and allowed scientists to see how photons were moving in the water at a speed of 966 million km/h! The human eye is not able to see anything at that speed.

However, even this technology did not allow scientists to see such physical phenomena as nuclear fusion or ultrashort light pulses. Speed of these processes is still too fast.

New technology for Compressed Ultrafast Spectral Photography (CUSP) provides shooting at a frequency of 70 trillion frames per second and allows scientists to capture the detailed movement of the light wave as if they were ordinary tangled tapes. Scientists can’t wait to test it in action!

We can’t help but wait to see these incredible videos and think of how this will affect science. In the future, we will be able to see something we have not even known about today.

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