The presentation of the office of the Kharkiv region in Washington

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Representatives of Kharkiv IT Cluster attended the presentation of the office of the Kharkiv region in Washington, which was held in the Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce. Julia Svetlichnaya opened the roundtable. She said: “As part of this initiative  we have already successfully implemented several projects and invite everyone to cooperate! Opening an office in Washington – is only the first step for the further development of trade relations Kharkiv region with the world”.

Dmitry Shuval, head of the regional development agency “Globee” – a non-profit non-governmental organization that is engaged in the office – said that their main goal – the development and popularization of Kharkiv as a brand at the international level. Kharkiv IT Cluster sees this as platform for cooperation, as well as our organization strives to realize this task. An important point in the office plans is the creation of IT-accelerator for the development of innovative projects that are in demand in the US market. Work in this direction is to combine business, science and innovation, which also fits into the vision of the Kharkiv IT Cluster.

At the same time, our common interests do not end there. Shai Franklin, a well-known lobbyist who runs the office of the Kharkiv region in Washington, said how he would like to participate in the development of the sphere of IT / Innovation in Ukraine:

  • to promote cooperation of Kharkiv IT-companies with US government funds;
  • to help in the search for American and Ukrainian investors;
  • work on establishing long-term relations between the US IT-companies and Ukrainian outsourcers.

Today Kharkiv region office in Washington to offer assistance “Americanization” of the Web sites and promotional materials of Ukrainian businessmen. We are talking about proofreading and adapting them for American audiences. Also, the office staff is ready to participate in the organization of business tours. And most importantly – they plan to lobby for the interests of the Kharkiv region in the US Congress.

From the Kharkiv IT Cluster in today’s round table was attended by representatives of companies and directors AltexSoft, INSART, MaxNet, ON AIR, Sloboda Studio, VERNA, VIDEAL, X1 Group. Our members have expressed interest in the development of partnership with the new office. We believe in the near future you will be able to see the first results of the collaboration between the two organizations.