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On November 29, the PR communITy event took place, focusing on the theme: “Unlock the Potential of Events: How to Develop a Tech Event that Delivers Results.” Given the rapid development of technology and increasing competition, the effectiveness of event strategies is crucial for raising awareness and expanding the brand.

The speaker for the event was Katerina Stefanovich, an experienced Event Manager Lead at Sigma Software, who:
▪ Has been involved in event management and PR projects for 5 years;
▪ Organized over 150 events.

This event not only provided specific advice on developing technological events but also aligned with the current context by participating in the “IT Cluster in the Cloud” project supported by the USAID Competitive Economy of Ukraine Program. Specifically, it aims to assist companies that are partially relocating their teams due to geopolitical challenges. Such an event not only contributes to improving event organization but also helps companies adapt to modern economic and geopolitical realities.

“Events are just one of the communication channels with your target audience. Direct, understandable, and not always necessary,” noted Katerina Stefanovich.

We create checklists: detailing the smallest details and capturing moments

One of the key stages in the successful organization of any event is creating detailed checklists. With this tool, you can systematize all preparation stages and consider even the smallest but important details, ensuring a flawless event.

Assign all possible roles

One of the important components of effective event organization is clearly defining roles within the team. By outlining all possible duties and determining who is responsible for each area, you create an efficient workflow and can avoid misunderstandings during the preparation and execution of the event.

Experiment with formats “Comfort and clarity are the biggest enemies of progress,” emphasized Katerina.

In the world of events, it’s essential not to be afraid to go beyond standard approaches. Experiment with formats, draw inspiration from innovative ideas and deviate from the traditional to surprise and attract the audience’s attention.

Collaborate: who can you partner with for the event?

Consider partnership opportunities as a crucial aspect of event organization. By working with other organizations or partners, you can expand your possibilities and ensure greater success for the event.

Remember that content is king: don’t lose focus when working with speakers

Emphasize quality content, as it is the key factor that attracts the audience. Prepare interesting and valuable material that will stimulate participants.

“People remember emotions and insights—we think about how we can implement them in our reality,” is an important point from Katerina.

Provide support and emotional connection between speakers and the audience. This will help create an impression and maintain participants’ interest throughout the event.

An event is a comprehensive project: maximize it and don’t forget about post-promotion

Consider small details that add charisma and create an emotional connection with participants. Music, visuals, interactive elements—all these can make the event unique and memorable.

Don’t plan anything on the day of the event + have a plan B

Always have a backup plan, as nuances can arise even in a well-organized event. Prepare for possible changes and be ready to adapt on the fly.

Equip yourself with resilience; something will inevitably go wrong Consider the possibility of unforeseen circumstances and be prepared to adapt to them. Flexibility and quick reactions are key aspects of event organization.

“Fall in love with your idea: you can do without love, but it will be flawed,” noted the speaker.

I fell in love with your idea and the event. Only with genuine love and passion can you create something special and unique. This emotional involvement will add a special charm and effectiveness to your event.

📹 If you couldn’t attend the meeting in person or want to review the event, follow the link. The recording of the meeting is available on the Kharkiv IT Cluster YouTube channel.

We would like to express sincere thanks to our speaker Katerina Stefanovich and Sigma Software for their support of our PR CommunITy event at Kharkiv IT Cluster.

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