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Artificial intelligence has already become a thing of the past for us. We delegate some tasks to it, can automate processes, and generally save time.

However, some questions still remain open:

🤔 Will AI replace creatives?
🤔 Is it safe to use AI?
🤔 What is the technology capable of?

That’s why on August 29, SMM specialists, PR specialists, content creators and other creatives met at PR CommuniTy to discuss these theses.

The topic of the event: «AI and content. How can creators find a common language with technology?»

Speaker of the meeting: Sofiia Panasiuk, SMM Manager at KnubiSoft. The specialist has been working with content for 4 years and likes to facilitate work in all possible ways, so she shared her experience of using AI in work tasks.

The PR CommuniTy meeting is organized by Kharkiv IT Cluster with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program.

Will AI replace humans? 🤖

Thus, with the release of Chat GPT, the technology gained considerable popularity. In less than a week, the software had more than 1 million users, and its success motivated other developers to create a dozen other AI-based programs.

However, despite the achievements of Open AI and people’s fears, it can be argued that AI will not be able to completely replace digital specialists in the near future.

«The best approach to work is to perceive AI as one of the tools, not as a friend or companion,» the speaker quoted.

In addition, Sofia draws the attention of her colleagues to the fact that the pace of our lives will increase even more, as AI is actively growing and developing on the new data it receives.

⚠️ Be careful with your personal data ⚠️

Artificial intelligence will be a good assistant in:

🔹 performing routine tasks (organization, planning, etc.)
🔹 search for ideas/references;
🔹 searching for information;
🔹 finding inspiration;
🔹 working with texts;
🔹 preparing for filming

«AI can search for information but not analyze it, it can prepare questions but not always provide relevant answers,» emphasizes Sofia Panasyuk, speaker of the event.

As for the tasks listed below, AI will NOT help you:

❌ in creative processes;
❌ in fact-checking;
❌ when creating visual content;
❌ when creating content that is closely related to a person and their personal story.

Sofiia shared her own list of AI services she has tested in her work and her experience.

01_ai_for_working_with_text-414x233 AI for creatives, creators, PR professionals

« has everything you can imagine about text,» a quote from a speaker.

02_ai_for_working_with_visuals-414x233 AI for creatives, creators, PR professionals

However, this is not all that can be delegated to AI. Common tasks that can be entrusted to AI:

🤖 Chat GPT

🔹 creating a text structure;
🔹 writing questions or briefs;
🔹 creating a content plan.

🤖 Bard AI

🔹 search for information and sources;
🔹 clarification of topics;

🤖 Chatsonic

🔹 assistant;
🔹 creation of content plans.


🔹 different types of content: from memes to videos;
🔹 can use branding;
🔹 fully create posts.

🤖 Jasper

🔹 customization;
🔹 creation of different content.

03_answers_of_fellow_event_participants-414x233 AI for creatives, creators, PR professionals

«Most of the AIs I mentioned at the event are free. They have a free version or a free trial period, so you can already use some of them to your advantage,» summarized the expert.

The speaker’s presentation was comprehensive and as useful as possible, and the mood of the entire event was supported by memes of Sofia’s favorite TV series, which were integrated into the material.

📹 If you were not able to join the meeting in person or want to watch the event, follow the link. There is a recording of the meeting on the Kharkiv IT Cluster YouTube channel.

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