Wictor Doctór’s podcast with Olga Shapoval on Kharkiv IT Cluster’s work

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On September 13, a podcast with Wictor Doctór, Head of Pro Progressio, and Olga Shapoval, CEO of Kharkiv IT Cluster, was released.

Olga talked about the Kharkiv IT Cluster organization, and why it was created.

Wictor learned about Kharkiv IT Cluster’s collaborations with state universities and representatives of informal education sector.
He also learned that considering the number of students in Kharkiv, the city can be called the youth capital of Ukraine.

“It’s amazing because we don’t have so many students all over Poland, and you have 64 thousand students just in Kharkiv!” Wictor commented.

student-480x480 Wictor Doctór’s podcast with Olga Shapoval on Kharkiv IT Cluster’s work

Olga Shapoval talked about IT4Life, the unique project created by Kharkiv IT Cluster, on how IT companies of the Kharkiv region have united in the fight against coronavirus, as well as about the preparation of medical institutions to receive patients with COVID-19.

It sounds impressive that the IT industry is involved, and that IT companies support society in difficult times so much. This is the first time I’ve ever heard about such a thing,” Wiktor Doktór shared his impressions of the IT4Life project. “Usually, we hear about such initiatives from the government or local administrations. Here, we have a private business that has done such a wonderful thing.”

We thank Wictor Doctór for the fascinating meeting.
Special thanks to Andrey Varusha for subtitling in Ukrainian on YouTube!

Listen to the podcast about Kharkiv IT Cluster here: