UNIT.City & WNISEF have presented the First Large Guide on the Ukrainian IT Industry

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The guide will help the government and business represent the country on the international arena, raise investment and find new partners

Kyiv, 29 January 2019

  • UNIT.City and WNISEF have presented the first detailed overview of all basic elements of the Ukrainian tech ecosystem
  • Information is focused on the key market numbers, the most important players and elements, and the country’s place on the global IT map

On 29 January, TECH ECOSYSTEM GUIDE TO UKRAINE 2019, the first comprehensive overview of the Ukrainian IT industry, was presented in UNIT.City innovation park.

The first pages present the basic indicators of the Ukrainian IT industry for 2017-2018. Thus, according to App Annie survey company, one in five global companies developing software for mobile platforms has its office in Ukraine. According to the survey by The State of European Tech 2018, there are almost 185 thousand software developers in Ukraine. And according to calculations of the authors made at AIN.UA, Ukrainian startups managed to raise more than $290 million of investment in 2018.

“Our purpose was to create the product that would be taken to international events by Ukrainians in order to represent the country and its latest achievements alongside with presentation of their own projects, since success of business also depends on the image of the country,” says Max Yakover, CEO and Managing Partner of UNIT.City. “For the last five years, the dynamics of development of the Ukrainian IT industry has been estimated in double figures. For instance, one in five companies from Fortune 500 list makes use of Ukrainian IT services. Therefore, the time has come to start or expand your innovation business here. This guide will help international partners make sure of it.”

In general, the guide consists of more than a hundred pages and eight large sections, including top companies (product and services ones), promising startups, the most active funds and the largest investment agreements, accelerators, R&D centres, city clusters and co-workings, educational programmes, government initiatives, communities and events. According to the organisers of the project, such overviews are developed by each large IT state or city. The best examples include the Netherlands, Israel, Barcelona, and Berlin.

Jaroslawa Johnson, President and CEO of the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, emphasises importance of such illustrative confirmation for Ukraine, “International partners should have as much information as possible and access to local break-through start-ups and entrepreneurs. Technological sector is of strategic significance for the Ukrainian economy and can change the way Ukraine is globally perceived in the digital transformation era.”

The guide has been initiated by UNIT.City innovation park and WNISEF. The project has been supported by such famous companies as Depositphotos, Sigma Software, SoftServe and O2ІТ.

You can read and download the guide here.


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