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The “Razom for Ukraine” Foundation and “EPAM Systems” have been helping to save lives in Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion

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The largest Ukrainian-American fund “Razom for Ukraine” and the IT company “EPAM Systems” provided assistance to Ukraine in the total amount of more than $355,000. The funds, partially obtained thanks to the activities of the newly created EPAM Assistance Fund, were directed to the purchase of communication equipment, tactical medicine items and assistance to Ukrainian hospitals. Since May 2022, “Razom for Ukraine” has been the company’s title partner.

According to the foundation’s spokesperson, since the full-scale invasion, the number of its donors has increased from 4,000 to 130,000. At the same time, contributions to the organization, which operates in Ukraine, the USA and Canada, range from $5 to $1 million. One of the significant donors of the fund is the company EPAM Systems, whose head office is located in the USA.

“EPAM is the largest IT company in Ukraine, so we feel the impacts of the war first hand from our people. Immediately at the start of the Russian aggression, we mobilized to assist EPAMers and their families, committing 100 million USD to our efforts. We also understood the critical need to expand our humanitarian aid beyond EPAM to all Ukrainians in need. Today, EPAM specialists and partners around the world help the country both through the EPAM Assistance Fund and through trusted partners on the ground. One of them is “Razom for Ukraine”, whose activities we have known about for several years. Combining the efforts of business and the thousands-strong volunteer movement makes it possible to get aid to the people and places in most need with minimum friction and maximum speed.” commented VP, Country Head EPAM Ukraine Stepan Mitish.

In addition to medical aid, the foundation focuses on providing communication, helping victims of war, providing technical support for aerial reconnaissance, as well as advocating at the highest political levels in the United States. Covering a niche in providing Ukraine with tactical medicine and means of communication, the fund took pressure off other Ukrainian funds in terms of the needs in these spheres.

“We managed to quickly organize aid in Ukraine not only because we had established coordination on the ground, but also because “RAZOM” is primarily people who strive for common goals and act as a single organism. These are people you can trust: the ones with whom we have implemented successful projects, colleagues, relatives. We feel great passion, because for us this is also a very personal story,” comments Evelina Kurilets, director of the “Together for Ukraine” charitable foundation.

“EPAM Systems” plans to continue supporting the foundation’s initiatives, in particular initiatives supporting children who were left without parental care due to the war. The first such event is planned for September.


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