Enterprise Europe Network is the world's largest support network for small and medium-sized companies with international ambitions.

Successful cooperation with EEN: what does interaction with the platform bring to Kharkiv IT Cluster member companies?

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Current economic challenges and unpredictable events in the world complicate the international activities of Kharkiv IT Cluster member companies. However, to mitigate the impact of external risks, the community has found an opportunity to support the IT community.

After two years of formal procedures and numerous requirements for partnership in the Consortium, Kharkiv IT Cluster officially joined the EEN platform, which means that it has created an effective booster to support technology business in the area of export sales of IT services and IT products during the war in 2023.

Kharkiv IT Cluster is the only Ukrainian IT association to officially become part of the EEN Consortium, the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized companies with international ambitions. Now the participating companies have joined 600 member organizations and opened up additional opportunities in the markets of 60 countries.

What is the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)?

Enterprise Europe Network is the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized companies with international ambitions. The project is aimed at developing sustainable, resilient, digital and innovative potential, as well as strengthening international cooperation between Ukrainian and European companies.

About EEN in facts and figures:

  • EEN has been supporting and developing small and medium-sized businesses for 12 years;
  • 3+ million small and medium-sized companies have benefited from EEN’s opportunities;
  • 70 countries from all over the world are members of the consortium;
  • 600 business associations for business support and development;
  • over 20 thousand business proposals and technological developments;
  • more than 18 thousand business events and B2B meetings every year.

The strategic vectors of the network are: attracting innovations, supporting business in the “single market”, creating trusted connections and establishing transparent international partnerships with trusted business players around the world.

Enterprise Europe Network offers a full range of information services for small and medium-sized enterprises, research and development organizations.

What are the opportunities for EEN members?

Kharkiv IT Cluster’s cooperation with EEN means automatic access to long-term contracts with EU countries and support from European institutions and organizations in the field of business and commercial cooperation.

Why is cooperation between Enterprise Europe Network and Kharkiv IT Cluster so important for Ukrainian business?

  1. Support for the single market
  2. Adaptation to the European standard
  3. Regulatory policy
  4. Development of entrepreneurship in Ukraine
  5. Innovative support for small and medium-sized companies throughout Ukraine
  6. Increasing the competitiveness of Ukraine’s economy and its integration into the EU

International events and competitions within the EEN are now also an open opportunity to move the world with unique expertise and through the transfer of innovations and technologies, as participating companies now have the opportunity to:

  • participate in international events and competitions to share expertise, find partners and additional resources;
  • receive financial support for participation in key international events to establish partnerships;
  • establish trusted international relations;
  • receive free advice and support on transition to more sustainable business models and activities, and much more!

For example, the Greek company that founded the I-kiosk software and later the Intale Point app was able to increase its staff 4.5 times in a year, receive a $3 million investment deal, and enter new markets — the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Poland, and Turkey – thanks to its interaction with EEN.

And the Romanian company MedTech, as a result of synergies with the consortium, increased its turnover by 9.5 times (to €1,140,000), began developing research projects, and implemented an EU-funded product to increase its warehouse and production capacity.

What are the prospects with the EEN for members?

  1. Globalisation of the market
  2. Changes in vision, culture and business goals
  3. Establishment of joint ventures with EU partners
  4. Integration of Ukrainian companies into the EU economic area
  5. EEN is the main tool for business internationalisation, investment attraction and technology transfer
  6. Raising awareness of Ukrainian companies among EU partners

Therefore, for the IT community, being part of the EEN Consortium is an opportunity to quickly adapt to European standards and reach a new level of business, expand commercial partnerships in the technology sector, and receive promotion and communication support in key areas of activity.

By partnering with the EEN Consortium, Kharkiv IT Cluster removes institutional and bureaucratic barriers between the EU business space and Ukrainian small and medium-sized companies, which has always hindered business development and is crucial in 2023. This is how participating companies become part of the ‘single market’.

How to become a part of the project?

To find out more about the opportunities, write to the project coordinator, Tatiana Kurtova @Tatiana_Kurtova on Telegram.



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