Success stories. Steve Ballmer

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The first person that comes to mind when someone mentions Microsoft is its well-known founder Bill Gates.

However, it takes more than one person, or even a dozen, to build a great company. And everyone deserves attention.

We’d like to share with you the success story of Steve Ballmer, one of the key specialists and leaders of Microsoft.

Steve’s most significant achievements.

  • He studied at Harvard Business School. There, he met Bill Gates.
  • After working as a manager of a football team, Steve decided to leave the university and devote himself to work.
  • He worked at Procter&Gamble; then he received an offer from Bill Gates to work at Microsoft.
  • He led the development of the first versions of MS-DOS and Windows, worked on effective sales techniques, and participated in the launch of the technical support service for Microsoft products.
  • The more the company earned, the more Ballmer earned. Over time, he became a billionaire.
  • From 2000 to 2014, he was the CEO of Microsoft.

Fascinating fact: Steve is a crazy time scheduling fan. He uses Excel spreadsheets and schedules every day minute by minute, including appointments, rest, checkups, and even lunch.

Behind the world-known giant, there is a large team of specialists who drives the company to success. It is necessary to keep this in mind even when doing small tasks.

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