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It is never too early to join IT community, neither too late

Supposing you are dreaming about a job in the IT sector. You might have already written your first line of PHP or Java code, and even the first “hello world” programme. How to make your further steps? Anyway it depends on your age, and this article contains some tips, how to start your career as a developer, including current internship opportunities at the Cluster member companies.

If you are a school boy or a school girl

The quickest way to obtain an IT profession is to apply to one of the most popular specialized college. There are 3 of them in our city: Kharkiv Computer and Technology College, NTU KhPI, Kharkiv Patent and Computer College, and Kharkiv Radiotechnics Professional School.

By the way, after graduating a college you will have more chances to obtain a place at a university on the corresponding specialty.

You can also consider studying at a high school and after that to apply one of the universities. The detailed information about higher education in Kharkiv and most popular IT specialties is in this article

If you are a student or even already have a degree, you can opt for an internship in one of the Kharkiv IT Cluster company. Currently the following companies suggest opportunities for a successful career start:



Nix Solutions

Sigma Software


LLC “Maxnet”

The more detailed information is available in Russian or in Ukrainian language.