SoftServe Is One of Ukraine`s Most Attractive Employers According to Ernst&Young

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Ernst&Young announced results of its annual Best Employer Survey, that analyzes preferences of
the candidates while choosing a workplace and key factors, effecting employer brand.

Respondents also chose the most attractive companies, they would like to work for. According to Best
Employer Survey 2018, these are:

  • among students – SoftServe, Google, Microsoft, Nestle, Philip Morris, 1+1 media,
    Privatbank and Big Four Accounting Firms;
  • among experienced candidates – SoftServe, Ciklum, Coca-Cola, Japan Tobacco,
    Microsoft, Nestle, Philip Morris and Big Four Accounting Firms.

IT was recognized the most attractive sphere for the Ukrainians to work in.

The survey found out, that different factors define employer attractiveness among students and
experienced audience. Career growth opportunities, competitive salary, self-development and
professional development are crucial for youth. While more mature candidates have company's
image,  corporate culture and opportunities for self and professional growth along with salary as
the most important factors.

“Ukraine`s IT sphere evolves rapidly owing to high-qualified professionals, that are competitive in
the international market. We comprehends, that our main asset is people. That's why we are
constantly working on providing effective environment for professional growth and comfortable
working conditions – from modern offices and social packages to competencies development
system and corporate university, where every employee can upgrade their technical skills, learn a
foreign language, improve leadership and soft skills. It is delightful to have our employee-focused
approach recognized by candidates”, states Yaroslav Liubinets, Chairman of the Board at

In late April 2019 SoftServe was recognized as the best employer to work for in IT sector alone,
and in the whole Ukraine at large according to Randstad Employer Brand Research.

SoftServe is a leading Ukrainian IT company providing software and consulting services for the
clients from all around the globe. One of the largest software developing enterprises in Eastern
Europe, SoftServe is repeatedly ranked among the three biggest IT companies in Ukraine. As of
now, over 7000 specialists reside in European and American offices, scattered in twelve countries.
Company’s headquarters are located in Lviv and Austin, Texas, United States. Developing centers’
map is dotted by company’s affiliates in Lviv, Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk,
Chernivtsi, Sofia (Bulgaria), and Wroclaw, Bialystok, Gliwice, Warsaw (Poland).