Sigma Software Group запускає благодійний фонд для розширення допомоги українській армії та цивільним

Sigma Software Group Extends Charity Initiatives with New Sigma Software Unity Fund

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After over a year of providing humanitarian aid together with Help Kharkiv fund, Sigma Software reorganizes and extends its social initiatives by launching its own Sigma Software Unity Fund.

Last March, Sigma Software faced the need to re-orient their social activities to help people evacuate from war-affected areas. Throughout 2022, companies of Sigma Software Group together with their partners and clients spent $3,2 million on various social purposes, including aid to the Armed Forces, Ukrainians, and help to their own specialists or their relatives affected by the war.

The number of aid directions and initiatives has significantly increased over the year, so Sigma Software Group decided to reorganize charity activity. Sigma Software Unity Fund based on companies`internal charity group starts its operation with an extended list of charity projects for military and civilians.

“I believe that it’s extremely important to provide all possible means and tools to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, because they are the power that confronts the invasion. For Sigma Software Unity Fund, we have designated several important fund-raising projects, from communication means to drones, that we understand and can ensure quality supplies,” explains Vladyslav Polikarpov, Co-Founder at IdeaSoft (member of Sigma Software Group), Partner at Sigma Software Unity Fund.

“We helped many people together with Help Kharkiv and appreciate our cooperation in humanitarian missions in the Kharkiv and Poltava Regions. Now we see further areas for application of our charity efforts, so we establish Sigma Software Unity Fund with an extended list of projects, including Drone Workshop, UAVs and drones purchase, medicine, communication devices, help to civilians, and others,” says Valery Krasovsky, CEO and Co-founder at Sigma Software.

“For over a year, my colleagues and I have been equipping those of us who joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine via our internal charity fund. We have accumulated useful knowledge and experience, so we are ready to get to the next level. The new fund that started working in April 2023 operates in several dedicated directions that we consider important,” adds Liza Kopylova, Board Member of Sigma Software Unity Fund and SPM at Sigma Software.