Getting to know the insurance company “Krayina”


The insurance company “Krayina” is a well-known company that has been successfully operating since 1994.

Today SK “Krayina” is represented by a network of 29 regional directorates and 30 sales centers, which provide a wide coverage throughout the country. The work is carried out under 27 licenses, which allows the company to provide insurance for more than 300,000 clients.

SK “Krayina” supports its clients 24/7, thanks to its assistance. Regional call centers are located in Kyiv, Kryvyi Rih, Zaporizhzhia, Vinnytsia, and Mariupol. 96 percent of clients stay for the next insurance period, which confirms that the company has a high level of service and focuses on customers.

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SK “Krayina” is included in the TOP-10 Ukrainian insurance companies in several aspects: voluntary medical insurance, agricultural insurance, and the level of payments (according to the Insurance Top). The company is an associated member of the motor (transport) insurance bureau of Ukraine.

According to the National Scale, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated April 26, 2007 No.665, SK “Krayina” is characterized by a high level of financial stability and creditworthiness compared to other Ukrainian companies and has a uaAA rating.

We have reliable financial partners and cooperate with PrivatBank, Oschadbank, Ukrgasbank, Investment and savings bank, Vostok bank, Eska Capital, VAB Leasing.

Areas of insurance activity

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Voluntary health insurance

It is a flexible option that takes into account all the important working aspects of any company. The insurance company “Krayina” offers convenient conditions, individual projects, as well as flexible rates. It is possible to create special conditions for solving non-insured events. SK “Krayina” is a partner of 4000 medical institutions in Ukraine and is constantly expanding its partner base.

Corporate CASCO insurance

Provides a combination of insurances for various risks of the client’s needs.

Property insurance

This category includes real estate, premises inside buildings, furniture, office equipment, stocks of raw materials, or finished products that are stored in warehouses, machines, inventory, technological equipment.

The insurance risks are:

  • fire: lightning strike, an explosion of household gas, an explosion of steam boilers, gas storages, gas pipelines, machines, apparatus, and other similar devices;
  • natural phenomena: storm, whirlwind, hurricane, tornado, sinkhole, flood, landslide, flooding, rainstorm, hail, earthquake, etc.;
  • falling of aircraft and their debris;
  • water damage;
  • theft (burglary and robbery);
  • intentional actions of third parties and other cases.

Liability insurance

The insurance for businesses that are liable for damage caused during their activities. The responsibility lies on the business entity, rentee, carrier, employer, organizer, manufacturer of goods, etc.

Agricultural insurance

This type of insurance covers future crop insurance, sowing insurance, and yield index insurance.

Insurance programs for retail clients

Comprehensive cover is offered under three programs: “Prestige+”, “Favorite car”, “Avtoprofi”.

Property insurance.

There is a possibility of express insurance without inspection of the property for the company’s clients. This includes third party liability insurance.

Accident insurance

provides services for athletes, bank borrowers, schoolchildren, drivers, and passengers.

Third party liability cover.

Compulsory third-party liability insurance of owners of motor vehicles.

Additional civil liability,

which offers a higher limit of liability under third-party liability contracts.

The company provides insurance areas related to the production activities of enterprises, where the conditions for each case are developed individually:

  • Insurance of objects with a high degree of danger
  • Full and partial accident cargo insurance.


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The insurance company “Krayina” develops constantly and dynamically, and cooperates with its clients transparently. The main advantages of cooperation are:

  • individual programs for corporate and retail clients, customized approach to every client;
  • constant cooperation, well-structured assistance: clients receive round-the-clock support from specialists;
  • the opportunity to get professional advice in any area;
  • flexible system of cooperation: search for perfect solutions based on the client needs;
  • honesty and transparency.

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Insurance from SK «Krayina» is a reliable way to preserve the health and financial well-being of your family, as well as to ensure the safety of the real estate and movable property.

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