Movies to get inspired

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Does it feel hard for you to find inspiration for creativity because everything around seems gray and unworthy of attention?

Movies with a detailed and incomparable atmosphere will help you! You would even forget about the plot. And a visual filling would inspire you for new ideas.

Here is our selection:

  • Loving Vincent. The movie is about the difficult life of the outstanding and infinitely talented artist Vincent van Gogh. The animated design makes the movie special.
  • La La Land. No spoilers, but the movie will make you feel the whole spectrum of emotions: from boundless joy to sadness with tears. But the movie is worth it.
  • Café Society. The thirties, Hollywood, night dancing, love, and a little bit of crime. Colors, clothes, music — you would not find anything more atmospheric.
  • Her (2013). Love, warmth, and a little bit of madness: these feelings accompany everything in the movie, from the main character to the details. But what if this love is not real, and the partner is the latest system with artificial intelligence.

All these movies have different plots, concepts, and themes. However, the sophistication of every detail and atmosphere makes you forget about the reality and immerse yourself in the film.

Remember that everyone has bad days. Do not despair, and watch movies and get inspired for new ideas and achievements.
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