METRO Ukraine, and SoftServe have launched a charity campaign “School backpack”

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graduation-cap-480x480 METRO Ukraine, and SoftServe have launched a charity campaign "School backpack"

Kyiv, August 7, 2020 – METRO Ukraine, SoftServe and have committed to join efforts to help the young wards of Emergency Response Fund “Caritas Ukraine” during the all-Ukrainian charity campaign “School backpack”.

METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine and IT company SoftServe have joined the Caritas Ukraine initiatives for several years in a row. This year, the companies decided to collaborate within the campaign: they invite everyone who cares to help gather the necessary supplies so that thousands of students from vulnerable groups can successfully start the new school year. The project will be implemented through the online platform

To participate in the campaign, users will need to select the category “Charity” on the website and in a few clicks buy one of the three available types of school backpacks filled with the necessary school supplies at a special discounted price. The campaign will last from 7.08.2020 to 17.08.2020.

By September 1, METRO Ukraine, together with will collect and deliver all charitable school briefcases to 14 Caritas Ukraine local branches for their young wards and for NGO “Promin Nadii” in Kryvyi Rih, as there is no Caritas Ukraine branch, however, METRO shopping center is represented.

6-480x480 METRO Ukraine, and SoftServe have launched a charity campaign "School backpack"

“For more than 20 years of the campaign existing, tens of thousands of schoolchildren got the opportunity to receive new school briefcases filled with the necessary school supplies. It was a result of the individuals, business structures, church community efforts, international philanthropists – those who care for others, and who feel responsible for the fate of needy children,” said Vladislav Shelokov, director of resource mobilization and PR at Caritas.

“METRO Ukraine invites its customers to join the School backpack charity initiative for the fourth year. The aim is to collect stationery for further distribution to those children who need it most. All previous collections of charitable assistance from our clients were held in specially designated baskets in all METRO shopping centers. However, the new reality needs new decisions. So, to give everyone the opportunity to join the charity event “Pack a school bag” with minimal personal contact, we have offered an online format. This is our pilot project, but we hope that the new format will help attract even more responsible Ukrainians to the good cause,” said Olesya Olenytska, director of cooperation with public authorities and public relations at METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine.

“Our company supports the development of education in Ukraine and initiates or participates in the implementation of projects at various levels. We decided to try a new approach to the action “School backpack” because of the remote format of work and the epidemiological situation. It is the format of cooperation with other socially responsible companies. This initiative will help us attract a broader range of potential benefactors to the project and help more pupils,” says Yulia Tarkovska, CSR Manager at SoftServe.

“We are happy to join the collective initiative of our partners and colleagues, which is designed to give children the necessary school supplies. Creating and participating in social and environmental events proves that consolidated efforts allow us to achieve better results, which motivates all participants to new achievements, “– said Yevhen Netreba, Commercial Director of Product Delivery Service


“School backpack” – All-Ukrainian charity event takes place in Ukraine almost twenty years before the start of the new school year. The initiative is led by the Charitable Foundation Caritas in Ukraine, providing targeted humanitarian assistance to all the needy. The purpose of the action is not only to provide children from low-income, large families, IDPs from the Crimea and eastern regions of Ukraine with everything they need before the new school year but also to give children a celebration of the first school day.

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