Kharkiv IT Cluster members: CHI Software

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Kharkiv IT Cluster continues to introduce our members and partners to you.
Meet the member who joined us in July this year — CHI Software!

Learn from the article about the company’s expertise, its values, and why they decided to join the Cluster.

Areas of work and values

CHI Software is a dedicated center developing web and mobile applications, cloud solutions, and embedded systems.

The company has four offices in Ukraine (Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia) and representative offices in Zurich, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo.

“First of all, we invest in finding talents, developing their technical and management skills. Based on this principle, we have created a strong team of 500 qualified specialists. Every day, they provide innovative and tech-savvy solutions to customers.

CHI Software is a trusted partner for start-ups and experienced companies. Our R&D center works in the key areas: AI, ML, Computer Vision, Big Data, Neural Networks.

We have experience in projects within a wide range of industries: Fintech, Insurtech, SmartSolutions, E-learning, Cybersecurity, Information Security, Automotive, Healthcare, E-commerce, Travel and Booking.”

Why the company decided to join Kharkiv IT Cluster

Roman Shramkov, CEO of the company, told us why CHI Software decided to become a member of Kharkiv IT Cluster:

“We decided to join the Cluster because our mission is to support and develop the IT area of the region.

In cooperation with the Cluster, our team aims to:

  • make a positive contribution to IT education because young ambitious specialists embody the promising future of Ukraine;
  • provide a mutual exchange of experience with leading Ukrainian and foreign IT companies;
  • participate in city projects for digitalization of all relevant processes;
  • develop the IT Community of the city;
  • promote Kharkiv with its strong students and experienced professionals as the IT center of Ukraine.

The CHI Software team is ready to share experience and successfully implement projects in cooperation with Kharkiv IT Cluster!

And Kharkiv IT Cluster is happy to have such a focused and dedicated company in our ranks!