Kharkiv IT Cluster members: A-Level IT school

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Kharkiv IT Cluster keeps introducing our members to you. This time, we’d like to tell you about the A-Level IT school.

We have talked with representatives of the company, and will tell you about the courses you can take in the school, the rules the school’s students follow, and the brand’s philosophy.

The result is what matters most

During its work, the A-Level IT school has prepared more than 1000 graduates who are now building their careers in large companies and on freelance.

A clearly defined goal helps the IT school to achieve such results. The goal is to employ each graduate in the chosen specialty.

“When we were creating our school, first of all, we thought about the results of our students. To achieve this goal, we have developed a clear learning process and relevant programs the IT-industry requires”, — A-Level says.

The learning process

At A-Level, students can choose an online or offline course in relevant areas only:

  • management,
  • programming,
  • marketing,
  • design,
  • testing.

The courses fit people who are ready to get a profession from scratch.

“Learning conditions are the same for everyone; we have no „favorites“ or „outsiders“. When they begin the learning, all students in the group have equal conditions and receive the same information”, — A-Level representatives say.

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As for the learning process, the school has rather strict requirements for students so they would be qualified and ready to work as specialists after graduation.

School students have to follow such rules:

  • 100% output to learning;
  • 80% attendance of all classes;
  • 80% of all homework completed;
  • to pass all intermediate modules;
  • defense of the thesis.

After completing the chosen course successfully, graduates receive a certificate from the A-Level school and can confidently apply for further employment.

If you are ready to truly immerse yourself in your future profession and work hard to become a specialist in the relevant profession, feel free to register for courses at the A-Level school.

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Kharkiv IT Cluster certainly recommends education at the A-Level IT school. We are proud that such a professional and dedicated team of specialists promotes and improves Kharkiv technical education.