Kharkiv IT Cluster in the Create Kharkiv’s video

IT Cluster IT Cluster

Meet Kharkiv IT Cluster in the video from Create Kharkiv as one of the representatives of the creative industries!

“The individuals mentioned in the video are the faces of the city’s creative industries. Without exaggeration, they can be called ambassadors. Here are 30 minutes of the movie, 30 famous Kharkiv citizens, and 30 seconds to tell you about the essential things, and to inspire thousands of other people to act.

You probably know this city: these streets, train stations, hubs, stadiums, rooftops and parks. And you know these people who everyday paint pictures, sculpt, create music, sing, dance, improve and live Kharkiv in themselves.”

We are grateful to the editorial office of Create Kharkiv for the appreciation of our work!
Watch Kharkiv IT Cluster at 8:38 🙂