Kharkiv IT Cluster attended World Economic Forum in Davos

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On 21th January, 2020, Kharkiv IT Cluster and its members Radmirtech and Beetroot participated panel discussion “Will Technologies Save the World?” organised by IT Ukraine Association at the World Economic Forum in Davos within Ukraine House Davos initiative.

On 21th January, 2020, leaders of Ukrainian IT companies participated in the panel discussion “Will Technologies Save the World?” at the World Economic Forum in Davos within Ukraine House Davos initiative. As a part of the delegation organised and managed by IT Ukraine Association, Kharkiv IT Cluster and its members Radmirtech and Beetroot had joined the discussion.

“For many years, World Economic Forum in Davos has been a global platform allowing governments and enterprises to showcase the most prominent developments of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. According to research, technology industry has one of the highest export potentials within Ukrainian business environment.said Oleksandr Medovoi, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Kharkiv IT Cluster.This is the main reason for Kharkiv IT Cluster to support the initiative of IT Ukraine Association in joining the Forum as a part of Ukraine House Davos. Kharkiv IT Cluster member companies Beetroot and Radmirtech participated in activities within the Technology Initiative of Ukraine House Davos.

The main theme of this years Forum was sustainable development, under the slogan “Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World”.

Responsibility of business becoming wider – companies have to stand not only for their own interests and interests of their employees but to become responsible for their clients and local communities. Core values of companies have to transform from their personal interests to sustainable social corporate responsibility (CSR) and environmental protection.

The key speakers of the panel were :
Oleksandr Bornyakov, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation in Ukraine,
Kira Rudik, First Deputy Head of Digital Transformation Committee and Former CEO of Ring Ukraine, acquired by Amazon, Member of Parliament of the IX Convocation;
Vitaly Sedler, CEO and Co-Founder of Intellias;
Alex Chubay, CTO at SoftServe;
Oleksiy Skrypnyk, Co-Founder of ELEKS;

The moderator of the panel discussion was Ms. Noa Gafni Slaney, Executive Director at Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation.

During the panel speakers and participants discussed worldwide IT-business trends and forecasts and its relevance to the whole concept of “Moral Money” – that is how was the slogan of Davos 2020 presented by its founder Klaus Schwab.

“The purpose of a company is to engage all its stakeholders in shared and sustained value creation. In creating such value, a company serves not only its shareholders, but all its stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, local communities and society at large. The best way to understand and harmonize the divergent interests of all stakeholders is through a shared commitment to policies and decisions that strengthen the long-term prosperity of a company.”stated Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of World Economic Forum in Davos Manifesto 2020.

This concept is extremely relevant for Ukraine: IT services are the second largest in the Ukrainian export services overall, and the industry is growing by + 26% annually. At present, there are 4000 tech companies and more than 185 thousand IT specialists in our country.

Kharkiv IT Cluster happy to be one of the key drivers of the IT industry of Ukraine and Kharkiv region particularly who embraced these values and keep transforming the industry for better life of people. We collaborate with national and local government institutions and helping them to implement new digital solutions and programs to improve the educational system, social services and to build strong and responsible professional community of IT-specialists.