IT_EUREKA 2022 Startup Laungh (1)

IT_EUREKA 2022: Startup Laungh

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📣 As a partner of IT_EUREKA , we are excited to announce the start of registration for the new season!
Do you have a creative idea and want to launch it or make a real crash test of your startup?

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The Swedish-Ukrainian IT consulting company Sigma Software invites you to participate in the first international season of the IT_EUREKA startup competition, which had great success in Ukraine for 6 years in a row and became the largest in the country

💡 Teams from Ukraine and European countries are invited to participate

What awaits the participants:
📌 mentorship from top representatives of the European IT industry, successful startup founders, and international VCs partners
📌 basic program for building a successful startup
📌 individual team coaching, practical advice from mentors
📌 celebrity talks and Q&A
📌 financial and partnership awards

🚀 Find out the full program and more🚀 

Launch your startup! Try out your idea!