Intellias organized a charity film session in Krakow to support Ukraine

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On April 14, Kraków Center for Culture welcomed a charity Ukrainian short film session. The event was organized by the Ukrainian IT-company Intellias, together with the Lviv International Film Festival Wiz-Art

The main objective of the event was to encourage the Kraków community to donate to the Voices of Children foundation and support Ukrainian children affected by the war.

The program included such short films, as “The face”, “One eye”, “Enter through the balcony”, “Carpet”, and “Lenin-fall”.

“We’ve watched the works of Ukrainian film directors, which present their view of Ukraine. These movies show us what Ukraine was like before the war. Currently, the whole world admires Ukrainian bravery. But hardly a lot of people understand where this bravery comes from. We wanted to demonstrate a small part of our culture. But we’ve organized this event not just to watch movies, but to do a good thing – to raise money for the Ukrainian children affected by the war. We’ve evacuated our specialists and their families from the dangerous areas, and we know for sure how hard it can be to flee your home”, – says Oleh Piskozub, delivery director at Intellias.

A short film “Lenin-fall” was directed by the Intellias web developer, Svitlana Shymko. When the war started, she was in Kyiv and decided to evacuate to Poland.

“I was in Kyiv when the war started. Like a million other Ukrainians, I was forced to leave my home. Now I’m in Poland. When crossing the Polish border, I was amazed and touched by the Poles’ solidarity, support, and genuine desire to help us. “Lenin-fall” is an ironic documentary about saying goodbye to the Soviet legacy. Lenin’s monuments used to stand at almost every Ukrainian square till 2016. After passing the law condemning the communist totalitarian regime, the campaign started to knock down the monuments. The movie resonates with what’s going on in Ukraine now when Russia tries to force its view of the future back onto us”, says Svitlana.

Intellias plans to continue organizing initiatives to support the victims of the war in Ukraine. The company’s specialists join volunteering communities, support the Ukrainian armyб and help refugees from the active war zones.

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