HR Brand award 2020: SoftServe project takes a winning place in the nomination for World

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On November 5, the results of the competition for the most progressive HR initiatives were announced. SoftServe project “Knock Out COVID-19” was ranked in the nomination “World” among other initiatives, as Domino`s Pizza with the project “World’s Fastest Pizza Maker – FPM” and Parimatch Tech with the project “Transformation that changed everything: HR ecosystem Parimatch Tech”.

The HR-Brand Ukraine Award has existed since 2011 and was designed to identify the best companies HR projects in the field of human resource management. Project evaluation is based on the following criteria: relevance, creative implementation, effectiveness and efficiency of the project. This year, 40 cases from 33 companies were presented in the competition.

“The Knock Out COVID-19” project is a comprehensive solution based on employee behavior and his/her possible requests and needs during a Covid-19 pandemic. Among the tasks set by the company: a comfortable transition of employees to a remote format of work; care for the mental health of employees, new approaches to involving employees during remote work; assistance to medical institutions in the cities where the company’s development centres are located, expertise help for local institutions, government agencies and community development.

“Within the pandemic, we were committed to take care of the safety and health of our employees, the interests of our customers and our communities. SoftServe’s priority was to overcome this crisis with minimal losses, save jobs and customers, and support employees and local communities during this difficult period. In a few days, we mowed 95% of our employees to remote work, helped with transfer to those who were stranded abroad by border closure, helped set up home offices, launched the Mental Wellbeing program and a number of online initiatives to attract and support our employees, ” – said Solomiya Hnativ, SoftServe’s Senior Vice president of finance, Crisis team coordinator during the coronavirus pandemic.

“First of all, we understood that hospitals were not ready for such a large number of patients, did not have the necessary equipment, and the absolute imperative was to protect doctors. The company sent 10 million UAH to our charity fund, another 5 million UAH were donated by a single social contribution of our employees. With these funds we managed to buy 20 500 respiratory masks (country – manufacturer Ukraine, USA), 600 medical suits, 1,860 test systems (such as One Step Test COVID-19 IgG / IgM device ”), 2 ventilators (manufacturer “ Blizar ”, Ukraine), 7,500 personal protective suits for doctors (country – manufacturer China), 4,000 goggles (country – manufacturer China), 7 ventilators of expert class V8600 (USA) the assistance was sent to 36 hospitals in 7 cities of Ukraine ”, – Victoria Mishchuk, acting Director of the Open Eyes Charity Fund.

SoftServe is participating in the HR-Brand Award for the fifth year in a row, last year SoftServe’s “A successful start career in IT” project took first place in the “World” category.

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