How to save time on tasks with AI?

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The first suggestions about «artificial intelligence» appeared in scientific articles back in 1950, but the popularity of this technology has grown over the past six months, when ChatGPT became popular.

AI is already being used in a variety of industries, from autonomous cars to medical diagnostics, but not everyone knows how to use this technology in everyday life.

That’s why Kharkiv IT Cluster, together with international partners from the EEN consortium, organized a series of digitalization webinars for entrepreneurs, managers, and owners of small and medium-sized businesses.

ℹ️ Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized companies with international ambitions, with 12 years of experience in business environments in 70 countries (Europe, USA, Asia).

🗓 On July 24 and 27, events dedicated to the integration of AI into business and everyday life were held.

First event

The speaker of the theoretical part was Volodymyr Kalashnikov, Flutter Developer at Olearis, Senior GPT User, AI enthusiast. He shared with his colleagues:

📌 tips on how to integrate AI into business;
📌 courses where you can learn how to ask AI queries;
📌 personal experience of using the technology.

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How to integrate AI into business

Volodymyr notes that businesses can use AI for their own purposes, for example, to promote themselves in the media: create images for a specific request, video, and text.

The speaker highlighted the following AI technologies available in Ukraine:

🤖 ChatGPT;
🤖 BARD AI. Analog of ChatGPT from Google;
🤖 MidJorney. It generates images based on a query.

In addition, Volodymyr recommended several AI services for different tasks.

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Personal experience with Chat GPT

Volodymyr shared his own cases of using AI in work and everyday life.

🔹 Material on Medium. The speaker’s article on the resource is 80% written by ChatGPT. Volodymyr notes that it took him only 5 evenings to write the text instead of a month.
🔹 Training.
🔹 Coding. The speaker drew attention to the fact that ChatGPT learns to code and emphasized that developers that use AI in their work will have an advantage over their colleagues.
🔹 60% of the speaker’s presentation was made by ChatGPT, and MidJourney and Bard AI helped him with it.

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«ChatGPT understands all languages, but it is better to ask it queries in English, as it is trained in this language,» was a quote from the event speaker, Flutter Developer Olearis, Senior GPT User, AI enthusiast Vladimir Kalashnikov.

Moreover, Vladimir left several links and recommendations for all attendees:

📌 Available ChatGPT plugins
📌 Platform for AI development competitions

Second event

The speaker of the practical part is Ahmed Azhazh, Senior Systems Engineer at EPAM Ukraine.

Meeting topic: «Using AI in everyday work tasks».

The first thing the speaker drew attention to was data security when working with any AI.

«Provide only the data that will not harm you or your work if leaked. All conversations with ChatGPT are used to train it in the future,» emphasizes Ahmed Azhazh.

Working with text

At the event, the speaker demonstrated live what tasks can be performed with ChatGPT. AI helped to develop texts for the hotel:

🔹 Name options for the hotel
🔹 Hotel description for the website
🔹 Creating a content plan for hotel social media
🔹 Creation of a business card
🔹 Creation of a code template for creating a website (HTML page generation)

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«The more information you provide when making a request, the better,» Ahmed points out.

Working with data

The speaker showed how to integrate AI into Google Doc or Google Sheets.
To do this, you need to download the ChatGPT extension to the required document. To use the plugins, it is necessary to link the document with AI via an API key.

ℹ️ API key is an identifier that is provided to the program. Thanks to it, answers to queries will be generated in Chat GPT but displayed in the document you are using.

Working in documents with AI is convenient, as the technology structures information in the required form and saves time.

Despite all the advantages, there are problems and disadvantages associated with AI.

«My advice is to use AI tools, as it allows you to make your life more interesting and spend less time on routine tasks,» Ahmed Azhazh, a speaker at the event and Senior Systems Engineer at EPAM Ukraine, said.

All those who joined the two webinars received certificates of completion of the digitalization webinar, which was dedicated to the study of AI.

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If you were unable to join the webinars, we suggest you watch the recordings:

🎬 Recording of the webinar «Artificial intelligence: for yourself, for business, for the team»
🎬 Recording of the workshop «Using AI technologies in everyday work tasks»

Digitalization webinars are over, but Kharkiv IT Cluster events are only gaining momentum! Follow our platforms not to miss the announcement of the next events and join the progressive community of Kharkiv IT Cluster!

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