QA Automation Core course

Telesens Academy, Molochna str. 38
For cluster participants
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Telesens Academy offers you QA Automation Core, basic automation course. The course is intended for those, who want to learn more about the network and move a step closer to the software testing automation.


Within the framework of the course you will learn the essentials of HTML, CSS, JS, DOM-model and Selenium IDE automation that helps to master xPath and CSS elements. The course is a part of the complex program for software quality assurance specialists. It is intended for those who haven’t studied the programming languages yet. The course will show how to use the basic automation tools applied in the day-to-day work of software quality assurance specialist.


The course instructor is an experienced web developer and automation specialist. She knows

Java, C #, JavaScript, PHP and JUnit, TestNG, Maven, Jenkins, Tomcat, Selenium, GIT.


Duration: 5 weeks/30 hours, 2 hours 3 times per week.

Start date: May 30.

Time: 18:30-20:30 Wednesdays, Thursdays and 9:00-11:00 Saturdays.

Price: 3 500 UAH.