Are you a teacher of technical specialties, and do you want to improve your qualifications? Then you should definitely join the new Prof2IT course, which has been prepared by Kharkiv IT Cluster!

The Prof2IT project is one of the most significant educational initiatives of Kharkiv IT Cluster. Through collaboration between educational institutions and IT companies, we offer professional development courses for teachers in technical specialties, aligning with the latest trends in the IT industry.

Already involved in the Prof2IT project:

  • 190+ teachers of higher education institutions and colleges;
  • 25+ institutions of higher and professional pre-higher education in Ukraine;
  • 20+ IT companies;
  • 50+ lecturers;

Information about the speaker:

Stanislav is experienced Lead Front-End Developer with focus on React framework.

He has vast experience working with multicultural distributed teams, understanding the clients’ needs and tailoring web software solutions based on clear requirements.

Parts of his characteristics are being proactive, straightforward and having an eye for even the smallest intricate details.

Course Details

Topic: «Understanding Basic JavaScript, Data Structures and Data Presentation using Ag-Grid»

Speaker: Stanislav Kumanov, Front-End Developer at Valtech

Course language: English

Number of lessons: 10 lessons/1-1.5 hours each + final exam

Online platform: Zoom

Date: October 18th at 6:30 p.m

The course will be posted on the  DrivEd platform, which was kindly provided by PioGroup Software for the implementation of the educational projects of Kharkiv IT Cluster.

Course Description

  1. Introduction to the Data Grid with Ag-Grid
  2. Initial Deep Dive and Ag Grid Setup
  3. Understanding the Data Grid Column Interface
  4. Working with Rows in the Data Grid
  5. Styling and Customization of the Grid Using CSS and HTML
  6. Data Visualization on the Client and Server Sides
  7. Data Filtering
  8. Data Charts
  9. An Overview of the Grid Functions: Handling Date, Time, Loading and Pagination
  10. Final Practical Examination for the Students

Why Should You Join?

By joining the course, you will have a chance to deepen and enhance your knowledge as well as your hard skills in communicating in English directly with a native speaker.

Course participants will gain:

  • valuable knowledge and experience;
  • access to educational materials;
  • an opportunity to exchange experience with other teachers;
  • a chance to receive feedback from experts;
  • a certificate of advanced qualification worth 3 ECTS credits, for successful completion of the course. (The successful completion of the course is especially important for 80% of the final test)

What is Required to Participate?

To enroll in the course, please register via the link:

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See you at the first lesson of the course «Understanding Basic JavaScript, Data Structures and Data Presentation Using Ag-Grid». We have prepared a lot of interesting things for you!


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