Product Camp Kyiv 2017

Premier Hotel Rus 4 Hospitalna str., Kyiv

November 04, 2017 participate in #ProductCampKyiv 2017 to

  • lead your own session,
  • meet interesting and experienced speakers,
  • exchange experience in product management and marketing in the informal atmosphere,
  • network with those who practice, are interested and passionate about product management!

Invited speakers, networking, separate streams and common discussions, charged day, about 200 participants, topics, formats and speakers at Your Choice!

Michael Verlanov (SoftServe), Andrew Umansky (, Illarion “Lars” Ostapov (DataArt), Vladimir Mirnenko (Wix), Victor Prorokov (EPAM), Andrey Taganskiy ( and many others have already registered to participate. Join in!

BONUS for the participants of #ProductCampKyiv2017 – ticket number is your promocode for One-day Product Workshop Kyiv: The foundations of Pragmatic approach in Product Management on November 03.

Organized by Product Management Community

Inspired by Pragmatic Marketing, powered by SoftServe, supported by ZEO Alliance

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