Kyiv-Mohyla Business School week

Bagagge school, Lopanskaya, 2/2

December 4th to 9th, the Bagagge school will be hosting the week of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School for the fourth time. There are two main educational programs planned for the week.

“Workshop on leadership: from the first person to the whole team result”

The program on understanding the nature of the leader, business system and communication of the leader with the team.

It should be interesting for the owners and the first persons who make strategic decisions, who are able to create business concepts – ideas, models, systems, and who have a vision of their company development and are looking for ways to implement it.

When: December 4-6;

Time: 10:00-18: 00 (Monday-Wednesday);

Cost: 12000 UAH;

Kmbs lecturer:  Vladimir Pavelko;

Program details

“Project Management for Creative Teams: Agile in Action”

The program on how to make project teams self-organized, while decreasing the cost of changes and errors. This methodology allows you to meet the deadline even under the conditions of permanent changes.

It should be interesting for CEOs, product and project managers who want to significantly increase the speed of new products development, who dream of creating project teams being able to self-organize and work without constant monitoring, and who want to establish cooperation within the project team.

When: December 7-9;

Time: 10: 00-18:00 (Thursday-Saturday);

The cost: 10500 UAH;

Kmbs lecturer:  Yuriy Koziy;

Program details