5th International Congress on 3D Printing


Dear colleagues!

We are honored to invite you to the International Congress of 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing)
Technologies and Digital Industry (3D-PTC 2020) that will be held in Kharkiv, Ukraine, 04-06 June 2020.
Speakers and writers from more than 5 countries will participate in the congress and the full text of ISBN
will be published online according to the new incentive regulation.

The aim of the congress is to bring together universities, industrial organizations and institutions from
different countries and to discuss theoretical and practical issues in the fields of 3D printing technologies
and digital industry. Valuable contributions in this field will be evaluated by the scientific committee and
those approved for publication will be published in the conference book. "Accepted papers may be
published after reviewing the referees in expanded and supported journals

In order to ensure participation to the International 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) Technologies and Digital Industry
Congress (3D-PTC 2020).

Organization committee.