Ukrainian IT Company eSputnik Launched Two Products on the Western Market

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Omnichannel CDP eSputnik, despite the full-scale war, launched two new projects for different niches and expanded the presence of Ukrainian IT in the West.

About eSputnik

eSputnik is an omnichannel customer data platform for medium- and large-sized businesses. With its help, companies can collect and combine user data from the website, mobile application, offline, and direct channels to segment and personalize further communication.

Over 3,000 brands from 23 countries chose eSputnik. 300 of these companies are enterprise-level. 8 out of 10 top brands in Ukraine use the platform: Foxtrot, Epicentr, Comfy,, Kasta, SHAFA, leBoutique, Watsons, EVA, Varus, MEGOGO, PUMA, and others.

In 2021, more than 1 billion messages were sent via eSputnik every month in email, mobile push, web push, rich messaging, and SMS channels.

Launching projects during the war

With the start of hostilities, the number of sendings decreased by 2.5 times. Many Ukrainian customers stopped using CDP functionality due to a lack of budget, and foreign ones expressed concern. As a result, eSputnik revenues decreased by 40% compared to pre-war.

Last autumn, the company started a cycle of strategic sessions for global development. Among other things, they discussed the risks of invasion and plans for launching new products.

Since the CDP market is established in the West, the team conducted deep research and engaged native consultants to differentiate and enter it with the correct positioning. They chose to develop two products in different niches for better sales growth.

Reteno is a user engagement platform for mobile apps which was released in July. Its primary value is providing ready-made automated campaigns for apps in Food & Drink, Shopping, Education, Health & Fitness, and other categories. The brand is focused on Northern and Western Europe, South America, Australia and already has active users in the NORDIC countries and Brazil.

In October, eSputnik launched its second global product for English-speaking countries – Yespo. It is an omnichannel CDP that offers ready-made tools and campaigns for medium-sized ecommerce. It instantly allows you to receive additional income from existing customers. The EBRD helped to build the strategy of marketing and positioning in foreign markets. Priority markets are Great Britain, USA, and European countries.

Oleksiy Danchenko, Co-Founder, COO eSputnik:

“Immediately after the start of the war, we decided to stop selling eSputnik in russia and belarus, even though it was a significant part of the income. To support our Ukrainian customers, keep the team, and accelerate the expansion of the global market we directed our products for growth in two verticals.

At the same time, eSputnik does not stop working with Ukrainian businesses, regardless of size and type: enterprise or growing project, mobile-first or web, retailer or marketplace – everyone has access to the same platform with all tools.”

eSputnik, as a parent brand, continues developing, expanding its team, and providing CDP services to Ukrainian and foreign companies. In the period after the start of the war, eSputnik received 1,600 new customers. Compared to March 2022, the number of deliveries has doubled; currently, the recovery of sales reaches 78% of the pre-war level.