Design Evening: extracting useful information

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What does a user pay attention to when start browsing a site? When does he/she decide to make a purchase? Does emotional web-design matter to conversion increase? What interactions are must for developing mobile and web products in 2018?

The last Big Brain Club’s Design Evening that took place on March, 28th was all about these questions.

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Emotional web-design: the story of a touching landing-page

Anna Julii, Art Director at Vintage WEB production

That’s the all-known fact, that users form an opinion about a site sizing up its interface. If a resource brings out wow-emotions from the first sight, it has high chances to stay in a user’s memory. People like interfaces that are functional, safe, comfy and satisfying.

Anna shared with us an experience of creating a Landing Page for a project called Fromin.

Fromin is a mineral water that is considered to be a natural product without treatment and filtering.

When developing a website, designers laid stress on Fromin’s quality by visual communication with the users. The main goal of the emotional design is to put the emphasis on the product’s individuality, and create a desire to make a purchase.

Developers coped with that issue by using relevant color scheme, regularly spaced objects and catchy content.

emotsionalniy-veb-dizayn-495x426 Design Evening: extracting useful information

Find more information about the case in the presentation


The design system for mobile and web projects


Alexey Styx, Art Director at MEAT Agency


Designers appreciate good UI-kits. In the IT-sphere the design system is a complex of rules that determine stages of product creation.

Alexey shared with us three basic components of the design-system:


  • Visual set of components;
  • Program set of components;
  • Documentation.


Among secondary ones he pointed:


  • Rules for animation;
  • Rules for communication;
  • Rules for content creation.


The main rule to take into account when creating the components library – less is better. Analyze repeated elements and don’t afraid to use them over again.

Useful advice! Don’t keep combined symbols in all library sections.


More information about adaptives and breakpoints you can find in the presentation


What interactions are must for developing mobile and web products in 2018?



Alexey Churilov, Senior UX designer & Co-founder at Valium Digital


Only two things determine the best website interface: carefully specified functions and details. They not just attract users’ attention, but also make them keep browsing site. In simple terms, micro-interaction is a functional element which carries out a target action.

Issues, that micro-interactions help solve:


  • Improving navigation;
  • Simplifying interactions with users;
  • Attracting attention to a site.

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More information you can find in the presentation


P.S. Love your job, keep developing professional skills and create wow-designs!